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Viseven remote detailer

Enhance physician interactions with remote calls

Grasp the opportunities of digital tech to establish value-based interactions with physicians, engaging at any time. Viseven Remote Detailer is a digital solution that empowers pharma to go beyond the habitual several-minute rep visits, allowing for remote interactions via a secure, flexible web-based platform.​

​While the platform incorporates a set of powerful functionalities for displaying interactive content and can be effortlessly plugged into any CRM system, its presence grants perfect convenience for the HCPs – no app installation is required. Physicians can interact with reps via stable VoIP and presentation interface from both desktop and mobile devices, at the time and place of their choosing. ​

Viseven Remote Detailer, powered by eWizard platform, is the only currently existing solution that allows both to manage and localize content and conduct remote meetings.

What you achieve

  • More comprehensive database coverage​

  • Integration between communication channels – online meetings combined with face-to-face calls, rep-triggered emails, etc.​

  • Choice of meeting types: 1:1 calls, one-to-group meetings and conferences​

  • Exceptionally longer call duration, with opportunity to cover more information and collect more data​

  • More frequent engagements at any time chosen by the physician​

  • No additional software required; HCP can use a PC, tablet or mobile device to view the content​

  • Integration with​

How it works

Why use Viseven Remote Detailer

  • Online meetings platform designed specifically for life sciences

  • Additional channel for strategic flexibility: Viseven Self-detailing​

  • Call script display for rep’s convenience​

  • Easy screen control handover for 2-way interaction​

  • Readily paired with for perfect integration with general strategy

Remote calls made easier than ever

  • Scripts and project materials can be prepared on turn-key basis​
  • Accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile (iOS, Android), no install required for the customer​
  • Scalable project scopes, possibility to adapt and reuse existing eDetailers​
  • Reliable, secure and intuitive technology​
  • Quick & effortless, on-the-go project launch​

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