eWizard Remote Visits

HCP communication without barriers. Any time, any place.

Even when F2F rep visits are not an option, pharma brand communication and personal promotion can go on bringing value! Grasp the opportunities of digital tech to establish value-based interactions with physicians, engaging at any time, from any place. eWizard Remote Detailing is a digital solution that allows for remote interactions via a secure, easy-to-use platform.​ Whether you choose to integrate it with your CRM or not is up to you!

Physicians can interact with reps via stable VoIP and presentation interface from both desktop and mobile devices, while reps can use scripts for convenience – and with all monitoring data and KPIs safely recorded. ​

eWizard Remote Detailing, powered by eWizard platform, is the only currently existing solution that allows both to manage and localize content and conduct remote meetings.

What you get with eWizard Remote Detailing

With a license starting from €15:

  • Installation package ready for integration with Salesforce.com

  • Independent infrastructure using Amazon services (ideal if you do not want a direct CRM integration)

  • VoIP provider already integrated on a transparent pay-as-you-go model

  • HCP can join from any device without the need to install any software

  • Possibility to work with video

  • Easy screen control handover for 2-way interaction​

  • Call script display for rep’s convenience​

  • In-built LiveChat with 24/7 customer support

  • Seamless connection with a powerful platform for interactive aids creation

How it works

What you achieve

  • More comprehensive database coverage​

  • Integration between communication channels – online meetings combined with face-to-face calls, rep-triggered emails, etc.​

  • Choice of meeting types: 1:1 calls, one-to-group meetings and conferences​

  • Exceptionally longer call duration, with opportunity to cover more information and collect more data​

  • More frequent engagements at any time chosen by the physician​

  • No additional software required; HCP can use a PC, tablet or mobile device to view the content​

  • Seamless integration with any CRM

Additional benefits

  • Integration with Veeva Vault to use approved assets instantly

  • Accessible from desktop, tablet or mobile (iOS, Android), no install required for the customer​

  • Consent form included

  • Monthly payment model​

  • Intuitive user interface in English, French, Spanish and Japanese

  • Quick & effortless, on-the-go project launch​

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