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Reach 35 New Countries and Improve Diabetes Care Communication: Viseven Collaborations

Revolutionizing Diabetes Care Communication

In February 2019, Viseven, a global provider of digital solutions for the life sciences industry, announced a strategic collaboration with a global pharmaceutical company. This company specializes in biopharmaceuticals, diabetes care, obesity care, and other severe chronic diseases. The partnership aims to redesign healthcare professionals’ access and use of critical information about diabetes care.  

The company recognized the need for a digital content factory (DCF) to streamline its digital communication. Viseven was the perfect partner to provide the service, considering that it is a pharmaceutical MarTech provider with more than 13 years of experience. Viseven’s DCF is not just a content production service; it’s a Customer Care solution that delivers an agile and scalable operational approach with end-to-end interactive digital content production services.  

Since the start of the collaboration, Viseven has built a DFC for the company — an operational model implemented into the company’s workflow and aimed to improve content quality and streamline the content creation process.  

Since 2022, the list of countries and regions served by the collaboration has expanded to 35 more countries, including the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. The partnership has also helped this company improve its omnichannel digital marketing and sales approach by enabling reuse of pre-approved content materials and improving content quality. 

Such collaborations are expanding the limits of what it means to “save lives by improving communication.” By leveraging Viseven’s digital content solutions and the company’s expertise in healthcare, the joint work of two companies aims to improve patient outcomes and transform how healthcare professionals and patients engage with critical information about diabetes care.

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