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Achieve efficient Veeva content management with Digital Content Factory 

Has the amount of digital assets in your life sciences enterprise already risen to the point where it needs serious global-to-local management styles? Using powerful cloud-based systems like Veeva has likely provided you with a whole new methodology of content management, so why not think of organizing the whole content supply chain in the more efficient way?
From concept creation and coding to localization, reuse and repurpose of existing interactive content templates, all the way to the final validation – if you want all these processes arranged round your ultimate marketing goals, there needs to be a way to take control. This is called orchestration, and is exactly the subject of our ebook. Based on the best practices of working with global pharmaceutical companies, we developed a flexible model of collaborations and corresponding tech solutions that allow to render content-related processes more cost-efficient, agile, and reduce time-to-market, so that every note, every key message is part of a consistent, musically arranged strategy.

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