How Remote Detailing Transformed Pharma Company’s Field Force

multichannel strategy for pharma marketing ebook

#remotecalls #eMeetings #virtualdetailing – no matter whether you’ve already added this tool to your pharma marketing strategy or only thinking about it, it’s a choice of a strategic nature. This Case Study is aimed to give a deep dive into a remote detailing campaign that Viseven team has launched for one of our clients with a global name in the Life Sciences industry. With the help of Remote Detailing platform, supplemented with a well-structured content strategy, remote communication empowered sales teams and their managers alike to conquer new sales frontiers and enhance their performance curves.

As a result, incorporating remote calls into HCP engagement strategy brought staggering results that no amount of even the most successful mix of traditional media could bring. You can explore the effect of field force workflow transformation on your own by downloading your copy of Case Study here!