Effective face-to-face and remote communication in fields

Viseven CLM is a flexible application with intuitive UI for facing customers, available on iOS, Android and Windows tablets for small and mid-level enterprises.

No matter how often there is talk about this or that piecce of technology replacing reps, there is (still) no substitute for live human interaction. While the world of pharma marketing is now well-served with excellent Closed-Loop-Marketing (CLM) solutions for med reps, developed by industry giants like Veeva, our team of professionals is glad to provide expertise in choosing one that will fit your organization’s needs – and in some cases, even offer our very own simple and intuitive solution for those eager to start out and test the waters of digital transformation.

The solution empowers life sciences companies to:

  • communicate with physicians and pharmacists and capture interaction based data;
  • grow database and categorize contacts and accounts automatically based on sales and prescriptions;
  • use eSign to capture data with the permission to process it;

  • send personalized approved email templates for follow-ups, invitations and other occasions;
  • build effective routes for medical reps, considering categories of accounts, as well as optimal travel time;
  • interact with key accounts in Negotiator – offer discounts, calculate rebate and revenue, fix agreements on the call;
  • perform a variety of activities with special calls forms – KAM, merchandizing, HCPs etc.

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  • Cross-platform CLM application:
    No need to change the tablets your reps use in fields – the app runs on iOS, Android and Windows-powered devices.
  • Seamless integration with custom CRM:
    All data captured during the call can be easily synchronized with any CRM system to be implemented in your company, including Oracle and Salesforce.
  • Unified message streaming globally and locally:
    Synchronization of customer facing teams with a single message delivered through interactive content.
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