Keep your interactive content organized and accessible by global or local teams.

eWizard NaviGate allows marketers to easily find content created globally and locally, view it and reuse it in eWizard.

Just producing digital materials is only about a half of a successful content strategy. To make it efficient, any organization needs to store that content, manage it, and keep it accessible and organized from a single place. Finding a good pharma DAM system – Digital Asset Management platform – is a matter of choice, not search these days, as powerful industry-specific solutions like Veeva Vault PromoMats offer exceptional capacities for large enterprises. At the same time, for many emerging and niche players who deliver their specific mission and want to go beyond the pill with informational value, there are solutions like eWizard NaviGate – a simple, intuitive content repository that offers a good workplace for your agencies and brand teams.

The system offers:

  • Tagging and search by country, therapeutic area or product name;
  • Online eDetailing preview with all animations, interactive elements and pop-ups;

  • Adding the materials to favorites in order to check the updates instantly;

  • Presentations rating, commenting on the presentations to show their relevance;

  • Version control.


  • Easy access to presentations:
    Handy search helps to find the necessary eDetails depending on the tags assigned, view it and export to eWizard for editing.
  • Mobile applications management and sharing:
    Update applications and presentations versions, review, manage and deploy them to iOS, Android or Windows tablets directly from eWizard Global Store.

  • Up-to-date digital aids across enterprise:
    The users can subscribe to application or presentation updates to receive an email with the release notification and install the latest version to their device.
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