Omnichannel pharma engagement 2020. The what. The why. The how.

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Omnichannel Experience in Pharma. Reality: 2019  2020

Just look around, customers are getting used to the convenient purchasing experience and of high delivery speed. Multifunctional consumers are becoming a steady trend. Google, Amazon, Apple, and other world’s biggest corporations paved the way for omnichannel experience and succeeded in putting customers at the center of their omnichannel universe. By successfully executing the revolutionary customer-centered vision, the way people perceivechoose and rely on brands has been drastically changed. In consequence, pharma and life sciences are planning to use technology to its fullest, and marketers are the leading force toward setting omnichannel standards and giving them a shot.   

HCPs are 2.7 times more likely to prescribe a drug when they are satisfied with their overall CX versus a single channel; orchestrated omnichannel journeys have a real impact on the bottom line.

What is Omni Channel Customer Engagement?

Have you ever thought of how well your pharma brand is doing inside each channel? Let’s suppose you have a good CMS, email automation campaigns, analytics techniques, social media presence, etc. But, are these enough? Above all, you need to have good sense of data and complete understanding of how each channel is performing. In a nutshellan omnichannel approach is an irreproachable combination of messaging, channels, and tactics. Well, let’s get closer to the point.   

Benefits against Multichannel

Instead of the old, multichannel scheme where the manager puts the channel first (and they are disconnected from each other), content is created separately for every existing channel. The most profound advantage of omnichannel marketing is that the channels are connected, and content integrability provides the opportunity to build personalized customer journeys – and this is the step towards personalized care that life sciences declared their priority.  

 Here you can look at what lies within omnichannel focus: 

  • The approach focuses on orchestrating the customer-centered vision 
  • The integration of multiple channels helps blur the boundaries between offline and online communication.  

It means omnichannel provides a single, unified experience for the customer across channels with data that is personalized, flexible, and universal (and can be seamlessly fitted into any channel). 

Gartner’s 2019 Digital IQ Index research reported that 19% of the top 88 American medical brands are generating higher site traffic with lower display impressions. If those brands had budgeted based on channel data alone, they’d be wasting millions of dollars. 

Omnichannel best practices

Here are some top, already existing, practices that help companies succeed on their omnichannel customer journey 

  • Customer journeys that are customized in several channels where the funnel is created and flows seamlessly from one channel to another  
  • Key messages are appearing simultaneously in different channels  
  • A single KPI tracking system  
  • Content reuse and updates  
  • Integration between contiguous channels 

 Technologies have embedded itself into healthcare while revolutionizing pharma to become an innovation champion. First and foremost, technology allows going hand in hand with digital-savvy consumers. Life sciences have already acquired solutions that help solve any content-related issues and attain customer-centricity.  

 eWizard platform is the leading marketing software for omnichannel content production, driven by cost-effectiveness, modular approach for efficient content reuse, covering multiple channels. Thanks to eWizardThe Modular Approach already exists inside its functionality. The content is structured into the modules to be used in each channel and could be simultaneously approvedupdated and inserted into a template.  

eWizard Omnichannel Delivery Model

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Two years ago, Viseven company presented the whole new entity inside eWizard functionality (for modular content management, localization, and delivery), which is Module. It is a meaningful piece of content containing approved marketing statements, corresponding references and additional supporting information that proves key messages relevance. 

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Modules are cross-channelreusable and could be inserted into Global Master templates as well as assembled within a channel-specific template.

Here is a high-level scheme of the content creation process with omnichannel marketing software

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There is a DAM system, where modules are approved and stored. Various stakeholders like agencies, brand and digital teams or content factory can access approved reusable modules via DAM. In eWizard, omnichannel content is assembled, updated, localized and then published to multiple channels. When it comes to the analytics part, it will provide a comprehensive view of the content pipeline, as well as content reuse rates per country, and per channel. You can understand how different countries adopt global content and how much costs you saveBrand teams or agencies are becoming more efficient in terms of time, budget while retaining high quality in the way they create, update, localize and distribute content to channels. 

What is a channel-agnostic module (CAM) and how is it connected with Omnichannel 

…the entity that caused much talk, and for such an explicit reason. Channel-Agnostic Module is the kind of digital content being that aims at transforming the future of life sciences content management.  

CAM can inhabit any content type and does a lot of things: 

  • Simplifies MLR 
  • Helps create new content faster 
  • Allow saving costs 
  • Delivers the efficiency of key messages 
  • Helps adhere to brand guidelines 
  • Improves customer user journeys 

How to Use Omnichannel in Branding Strategy?

Before you get startedconsider these:  

What is your current status?  

Define and set marketing (salesgoals, align on these goals, processes, and stakeholders to estimate the resources.  

What kind of data should stay behind?  

Decide what data you need to be behind the segmentation and customer journey. The rapid technological progress makes people consume vast amounts of information going from everywhere. No wonder that sometimes it may cause distraction. Pharma needs to ease customers’ lives by delivering the right content in the right proportions. Coordinate your data with analytics. 

Still thinking of the right approach?  

Choose the one that fits your communication designBear in mind customers’ pains, objectives, demands, behaviorintentions and what do they expect.  

Are your employees well-trained?  

Invest in your team and provide an efficient training program to deliver the materials about the omnichannel approach for easy access and follow. In such a way, changes can be implemented smoothly and painlessly within the company. It should be noted that there’s no limit to education.  

eWizard approach to omnichannel 

The maximum amount of contentCustomers need to receive as much content as fits their needs. An omnichannel approach allows pharma to deliver more information about their brands. This is the way to engage better. We must understand what kind of info HCPs or patients are looking for and be totally ready to fill these demands. 

Personalization. Everyone is willing to be treated personally. The more personalized content you create – the more loyalty you earn. It leads to rising amount of prescribing and sales. 

Localization. Share your approved content with other affiliates to provide the latest updates and best practices just in time 

We want to trust technologies able tthink better than we think; understand our needs just the same way we feel them. These are the technologies that have an internal engine to give us a hand when needed and provide the space to concentrate on things more meaningful in our daily and professional life. The ones that can adapt, adjust, transform, and reinforce along with us. 

An omnichannel marketing strategy has risen to the top of the 2020 priority pharma list. This year and beyond, an omnichannel state of mind is a must state for the future of pharmaceutical marketing – the future where seamless and personalized customer experience may easily be a reality. As soon as you own centralized data, the right combination of touchpoints and technical backbone in place, you will easily improve CX, get the highest ROI, and attain KPIs. 

No matter what phase of your marketing strategy you are in now, eWizard will be an ideal next step toward consistent omnichannel augmentation. Drop us a line to request a short demo to see eWizard platform in action.  

 Take your omnichannel strategy to the next level in 2020 (and beyond) marketing planning.