Why is Omnichannel the must-step towards digital excellence for Pharma

Changes are about to happen…The situation with the COVID-19 outbreak has left a massive impact on every area of human lives, not to mention how exponentially the crisis is affecting businesses of all sizes and shapes. Well, how to ensure that we can perfectly maintain and build long-lasting relationships with our customers and understand their behavior in every touchpoint?

Why do we need omnichannel more than ever before?

#1 Where are we right now?

Different countries are, of course, at different stages of the pandemic, but still under the same lockdown. It does not matter whether they are at the peak or showing growing acceleration – we all are on the same page trying to prevent the transmission of the virus and trying to harness customer-centricity at the same time.

Economies will be reopening as soon as things go normal, but the measures applied (like social distancing, travel restrictions, personal visits, etc.) will last for some time ahead. Here is also another side: digitalization is being accelerated. It will irretrievably change and alter fundamental habits in communication. HCPs will be more likely to connect with medical representatives via remote means than they used to do it before. Another challenge is that the physicians are getting overloaded with content spreading from everywhere. They are exposed to news, messages, calls, emails, and so on (which comes as no surprise at such a turbulent time) – and all this while running their daily practice. The sales force might be the first who feel the consequences of the HCPs’ work overload.

Due to this, everything gets clearer – why do we need omnichannel now? We need channels that are interconnected and aligned. But this is not about one channel + another one. Such a model may produce unexpected effects. Omnichannel, in a few words, is the method of organizing the mix of channels to bring coherence and integration, and much more. Mostly it comes down to picking up the right content, the proper mix of channels, and add a personalized approach.

In this article, we want to explore pharma-physicians relationships more specifically. The relationships that should be adopted most flexibly and quickly in order to avoid risks. We will turn to the universe of life sciences and work out some ideas on how to survive in the current situation nobody has experienced before; how can omnichannel approach make this situation pass through us easier and how will implementation of an omnichannel strategy pay off in the long run…

#2 Personalization

 Personalization is no longer just a nice-to-have feature – it is a powerful driver that has proved to foster HCP engagement with data that could seamlessly flow across channels and appear whenever needed. This is exactly the greatest way to make HCP journeys across channels. Omnichannel is a perfectly mastered good old multichannel but it gives a chance to communicate via the channels your audiences prefer, and, at the same time, these interconnected channels are always available for customers. Instead of, for example, broadcast emails sent to all segments of an audience, a marketer sets a tailored marketing campaign. Or, instead of messaging that is not consistently updated, in omnichannel practice, it is distributed across channels for each customer based on personalized needs. Using a high-quality marketing automation system, the data imported is always used for further personalization purposes.

What is more, HCPs can always use the convenient option to order a remote session with a medical representative directly from a website.

What will an omnichannel communication look like in this scenario:

  • Let us say, a therapist goes to your website and sees a pop-up prompting him (her) to review a new product release. Then, as it turns out, this is the medication the therapist used to prescribe, and it has been recently improved.
  • A while later the therapist receives a meeting invitation email from a sales representative offering to arrange a remote call and discuss the benefits of the product.
  • After the HCP has accepted the call, a medical representative sends a notification email as a reminder prior to the upcoming meeting with the HCP.

Note: by using effective website analytics, pharma managers can easily track how many therapists were interacting with your campaign.

  • The medical representative conducts an interactive presentation about the product providing all the latest updates. During the interaction, all data is gathered in your CRM (for further engagement enhancement) …and voilà, the therapist is provided with the content required just in the right moment.

Web analytics is another part of an effective omnichannel strategy. It will help make your data thoughtful and actionable through the mix of channels and deliver only customized content and messages. Being equipped with powerful web analytics, you can also make it tailored to a specific HCP need. In other words, this is the content that helps resolve problems. Especially in the time of the lockdown, where doctors might need to change a treatment course and react to developments in the blink of an eye. The omnichannel approach unifies all the experiences, interactions, and messaging across channels by merging different kinds of customer data, both from personal and non-personal interactions.

#3 Set up a customer roadmap

In practice, an omnichannel customer journey means not just creating a dashboard with figures but building a customer-centric map. This is a visual representation of actions physicians make on the way from their first experience with your brand to making the final decision. During this route, a marketer can respond effectively to any changing demands.

This unpredictable customer experience can be modeled and based on behavioral patterns and target audience parameters. Remember that physicians make up their mind under different external circumstances using different channels. In this way, the omnichannel approach becomes cost-efficient in terms of time and resource allocation as it allows to create content that pulls the levers exactly when necessary.

#4 Superior performance tracking

The quality of customer engagement depends on many factors, but the key ones are knowing and understanding the individuals you engage along with the safe use of the collected data. It is a must to stress the necessity of measuring key performance indicators as they help pharma managers to ensure they are constantly kept up to date. This could be done with the help of integrations and APIs between the platforms that are used for customer interactions, such as CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Campaign, messengers, Webinar platform, and other content management platforms.

This integrated set of data can be technically supported by a Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Such omnichannel data integration allows building further tactics and strategies across multiple channels constantly updating customer journey maps. Among a bunch of technologies, we suggest picking up the platform that has already proved itself to be of service in omnichannel marketing. After synchronizing all this data with your BI solution, all the insights will be properly organized and visualized in charts and graphs. This gives a comprehensive picture of what physicians want to see and discuss. Having clear feedback, you can realize which channels prove their business effectiveness – and on which you need to work more.

Some final thoughts…

The pandemic will certainly make digital prevail long after the borders open…The global healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will need to diversify a lot, as well as keep up with not only customers’ behavioral patterns or changing demands and standpoints but with the entire company’s strategical perspective. We are more likely to see a surge in remote communication marketing channels so the pharma industry should endeavor to plan plenty of steps ahead – remaining flexible, imaginative, and diverse more than ever before. And that might become like a mission impossible unless you are equipped with the right technology for omnichannel digital marketing.

Why choose Viseven

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