A roadmap to customer journey

Have you ever thought why some companies get the advantage of engaging their customers and keeping them loyal? The marketing investments being the same, the results are quite different. When it comes to customer engagement, today’s businesses consider building value-based interactions on each of the touchpoints. You have to keep in mind that gaining customer experience is not a short-term action, but a long journey. Taking your customers through this journey in a correct way, as Alex Rawson and Ewan Duncan state in their review “The Truth about Customer Experience”, can lead to great results. It helps increase customer satisfaction, cut down customer churn and boost revenue. No wonder, you need a strong strategy. Here is a roadmap for you to make customer experience significantly great.

Building up the strategy

Making up a good strategy plan implies first, that you have to gather all the data about your customers. Everything that could help you to deliver them the value of your product more efficiently. In the “[Infographic] Customer Experience Excellence Involves Creating Value Throughout the Journey”, this stage has been precisely labeled as “Listening to your customers”. Try to do your best to collect customer feedback, get to know what channels your customers prefer, what opinions they have about the product, what ideas they share in major social networks. Thus, you have a chance to understand their minds far way better.

Delivering customer experience

The next thing you need to do is engaging the customers. Make it effective via the channels, which your customers consider more preferable: newsletters, how-to videos, SMSing, and product release subscription, etc. Let them know more about your brand. Make them like it. This is where you take them to the customer experience journey and they start interacting with your company and brand.

Keeping your customers informed

Not to lose your customers to the competitors, keep in touch with them as much as you can. It improves customer retention and enhances their engagement with your brand. Dr. Ian Brooks, a leading business advisor, writes in his “19 Steps for Creating an Awesome Customer Experience” that customers really want to be kept informed. Make it possible through monthly letters, anniversary greetings, brand surveys or update news. Customers will see you stay by their side and always ready to communicate.

Sustaining the customer experience

The final yet never-ending touchpoint of the journey you lead your customer through, is his brand loyalty or even brand advocacy. As it is shown by a digital business consultant J-P De Clerck in the “Understanding the customer life cycle and calculating CLV”, making your customers loyal is the utmost point in your interaction. What is supposed to be done at this stage? Provide your customers with friendly loyalty programs, assist them with 24/7 proactive support and surprise them with special offers. Steven MacDonald, a digital marketer, in his recent paper “7 Ways to Create a Great Customer Experience Strategy” considers CX to be an indispensable part of CRM (customer relationship management) and if you manage to deliver positive interaction, you will definitely get repeat and loyal customers.