Through the Partners Training Program, Viseven offers the opportunity to enroll on courses that provide insights into interactive content development and creation, fast CLM implementation and CRM integration processes.


Our staff is dedicated to providing training of the highest quality and efficiency to you, our customers. Last week Viseven team of CLM experts came back from Pakistan, where they provided weekly eWizard.JS+eWizard practical course for local Abbott managers and developers teams.


eWizard.JS+eWizard  training program was tailored specifically to the interests of developers, who start using eWizard.JS Engine – first unique eDetailing development standard and managers who choose eWizard eDetailing cloud – to power their teams with efficient multichannel platform for state of the art eDetailing creation and sharing.


Course topics include:

–       Introduction to eWizard.JS environment, understanding the functionality of eWizard.JS and instruments – Launching eWizard.JS Engine. Local and remote build for CLM projects and stand-alone iOS/Android applications.

–       Layout slides in eWizard.JS. Adding media content to a presentation. Creation of the interactive elements on a slide.

–       eWizard predesigned templates, creation and editing of interactive content.

–       Custom scenarios, flexible presentation structure, drag’n’drop components.

–       Smart eWizard analytics – functionality of dynamic KPIs and monitoring.

–       Multichannel sharing options in eWizard – micro websites, mobile applications, mass mailing campaigns, social media.

–       Export options of ready-made eDetailing into CLM system.

–       eWizard integration with, overview of the App, basic functionality, Reports and Dashboards.


These courses include workshops, team sessions and case reviews. We also offer a variety of services in addition to the above-mentioned training to help you make your CLM project implementation fast and effective.


Chili, Egypt and Switzerland will be the next countries, where Viseven team will provide the digital eWizard.JS+eWizard courses for Abbott.


To learn about the upcoming Partner Training Program courses in your area, or if you are interested in attending, please contact our Customer Education and Training Department at +372 69 80 460 or