More than 50 top managers from the leading pharma companies gathered for the first of the international trainings’ series “Digital Marketing Days” in business center “Arena City” to discuss the latest trends in digital pharma marketing. Stada, Johnson’&’Johnson, Pfizer, Sanofi, Teva – here are just some of the top industry brands, who showed a live interest in the innovative training program from Viseven and joined the live discussion on CLM and eDetailing implementation into Ukrainian pharma marketing.

Though, the participants were using the latest models of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and other wearables, only some of them had heard about CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) and eDetailing (interactive presentations). The statistics is as follows:

  • 10% of companies has already armed med reps with tablets and interactive presentations;
  • 30% use tablets in fields, but do not have an effective tool for smart analytics and relevant two-way dialogue with a doctor, enter the data for reporting themselves and do not synchronize with CRM;
  • 10% would like to start using tablets in everyday med reps work, though do not have a clear understanding of which tools and technologies will guarantee the SFE increase;
  • 50% still use printed materials for medical information delivery, and rely on the feedback med rep provides to them on the customer loyalty and potential.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO Viseven, in her speech about evolution of medical product promotion, compared “printed” communication with HCPs with an old rusty bicycle on the roadside. At the same time, she underlined that “digital dialogue” looks like a brand-new car, which races with the high speed. That helped clearly depict speed and mobility of the contemporary value CLM dialogue of pharma companies with the target audience – physicians and pharmacists. Thus, it not only helps to save time and resources of both of them, but also turns each second of communication into a valuable information, smart analytics. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to constantly deepen understanding of customer needs, likewise to improve the product itself and build high-quality marketing strategy.

To support the theoretical part of the training, the experts demonstrated an interactive call in practice, with the help of Viseven CLM. Just in a couple of minutes, the tool helped to present a product and capture feedback through custom dynamic KPIs. What is more, Viseven showed the attitude of a separate physician to the content presented. The captured data was instantly synchronized with the CRM system, med representative completed a successful call and marketing team received a dashboard with custom analytics in real time.

The audience at the training was rather active – the participants asked lots of questions, for example: how to synchronize, how to monitor a med rep, which materials should be handed out to a physician, how much does the presentation development cost and so on. After a series of Q/As, the audience was impressed with a next “WOW-effect”. They had seen a presentation of the tool for independent eDetailing creation and editing – eWizard. It was hard to believe for most of the participants that any brand manager can create an interactive presentation on his own, without addressing any digital agency. The next workshop helped to dispel any doubts – merely in 20 minutes everyone had an opportunity to create several slides of the HTML5 presentation for a specific medical product. The slides included text, images, video, complex animation and supported monitoring due to dynamic KPIs. Each of the participants could choose himself a CLM tool for further eDetailing demonstration, as well as CRM for data synchronization, as far as the ready-made presentations, created in eWizard, are compatible with, Veeva, Cegedim, Terrasoft, Agnitio, Skura an others.

Friendly networking after the event allowed to discuss industry innovations and the upcoming challenges in a pleasant relaxing atmosphere. The next Digital Marketing Days trainings will be hosted in Almaty and Warsaw. Within a year the event will be also repeated in Kyiv, aimed to track the growth of Ukrainian pharma companies and share the latest world practices on building multichannel dialogue in pharma ecosystem.

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