September 23, 2016 – Viseven Europe, a leading provider of full cycle CLM services is pleased to announce the official opening of its affiliate in Canada. The new office will provide both educational and HTML5 presentation development services. The brand new digital solutions and web development courses suggested by Viseven will bring additional benefits to the existing customers, prospects and individuals.

Globalization process is modifying digital marketing landscape today. It challenges businesses to become more responsive to changing customer needs. Content is the key component of any marketing campaign. That is why, it must be smart, customer-focused and adaptable in accordance with time, region and culture preferences of a certain audience. Viseven is happy to offer its Canadian clients ready-made content solutions with unique capacity to be customized anyhow and anytime.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven:

We are excited to open this business division in Canada. We look forward to expanding trust-based relationships and introducing our innovative solutions on local market. Our company is eager to share its expertise as well as create profound and lifelong customer experience. We can guarantee the quality and integrity of our brand, which has already proved its efficiency among European audience.”

Before strengthening its footprint on Canadian market, Viseven has managed to gain positive insights from numerous satisfied customers across Europe. Viseven Europe OÜ is a well-known regional leader in digital content production and creation of interactive presentations for healthcare industry.

Viseven solutions aim at optimizing and streamlining the workflow of global and local pharma companies:

  • eWizard mobile app maker – a perfect solution for CLM agnostic cross-platform digital content development. It is a superb tool for making brand new presentations with a help of ready-made templates or components. Customize and localize your content at ease to better reach the target audience. Smart approval process enhances communication between teams.
  • Sophisticated Viseven CLM and Viseven CRM systems  is a powerful tandem, which enables you to effectively capture customer feedback and track salespeople performance with flexible background data synchronization.
  • eWizard.JS – the unique standard for HTML5 presentations development. The ready-made eDetailing can be used in any CLM system, on any device and via any channel. The framework empowers 100% content reuse.
  • Automated TransPerfect translating service helps you quickly adapt your content to meet customer expectations on local markets.
  • Strong LMS system always keeps your sales representatives well trained and informed about your products and demo presentations.

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