What does it take for a digital agency to remain on the Life Sciences arena for a decade? Is it true grit, instinct for innovation or hard work? As it often shows in those stories we all love to peruse in search of cheatcodes to success – it takes all of the above, and a sprinkle of goodwill from Lady Luck.
Having grown from just a handful of dedicated startuppers (before startup was even a thing) to 300+ professionals with offices in 5 countries, we are now ready to look back and share the insights that ups and downs have gifted us over these years. Here’s 10 milestones that mark a steady path towards success on Life Sciences digital services market.

1Be at the frontier of innovation

Viseven team has been among active participants and enablers of digital transformation of Life Sciences from the very beginning of our path. Starting out just as another healthcare digital marketing agency, some of our projects (like remote detailing) have been trailblaizing on the market they were presented to. This happened in no small part because we weren’t afraid to try to break the ice and be the first. To end up as a reliable provider of pharmaceutical marketing software, it’s crucial to not hesitate to try out everything there is on the digital healthcare market.

2Find your signature service

Beginner agencies shouldn’t be trapped within mindset that if they don’t have the Elon-Musk-grand idea from the get-go, they must be having a poor standing on the marketplace. Whatever your big-time direction of expansion might be initially, in the beginning it’s best to find that staple service that will identify your agency in the market. For Viseven, it was creating interactive presentations from scratch which put us in the limelight among thousands of similar providers and opened many other doors for business development. So, find that signature service, provide it and refine it.

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3Join and create partnerships

Noone makes it on their own in the world of commerce. So with due time, the prospect of integrating approaches and technologies draws near every emerging digital agency. After having prooven our good record as well as reliability on the market, the time has come for us to eventually partner up with Veeva, IQVIA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and last but not least – AEM. Our achievements and unique technology also allowed us to start and develop a growing network of partnerships with other agencies.
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4Broaden the scope of your projects

At some point on its path, if an agency doesn’t move further, it stagnates. So gradually, with every successful and fruitful project of the known, what every successful digital agency ends up doing is broadening the scope of their projects from familiar ones to unfamiliar others. Going into the previously uncharted territory gives that agency the space it needs for inevitable expansion. Over these ten years, we have made thousands of various projects happen – from landing pages, mobile apps and emails to AR/VR apps, videos and remote detailing presentations. The invaluable expertise gained from venturing out of the comfort zone empowered Viseven to create a solution for remote detailing and, when the right time came, a closed loop marketing platform of our own.

5Come up with a unique product

Over the years, knowledge and experience have a propensity to accumulate and showcase themselves in a new form. It is every agency’s number one longterm goal to stop being just a provider of development services and to one day, present its own unique product to the Life Sciences market. This is exactly how our flagman product, eWizard platform, was brought to life. On the groundwork of the expertise in HTML5 presentation creation and all knowledge about physician engagement strategies, we’ve created an e detailing software platform that would enhance life science content marketing with consideration to the industry’s special needs.

6Look to other industries to see the “next big thing”

There are so many imaginable ways VR-AR technologies of healthcare can be harnessed – from trainings and therapy to major marketing strategy moves; and more of those ideas are coming up. All of this wasn’t so obvious when we were testing the waters in VR healthcare technologies – back then, the idea of VR technologies was mostly fathomed as belonging to gaming industry. Luckily, this has all changed, VR/AR fever is not over yet and we’re here to witness it to grow into something used en masse in Life Sciences. Viseven is also here to contribute to that process with our skill and experience in VR-AR-MR developments.

7Learn to separate trends from classics-to-be

If 10 years ago anyone truly believed that emails or mobile apps would take on high in healthcare, they didn’t believe loudly enough. Because, as we are surrounded with patient engagement mobile apps and expansive email campaigns in pharma marketing, it’s only strange nobody expected the role of a smartphone and email to skyrocket as much. As an agency gets more experienced, it is able to separate the fleeting marketing trends from classics in the making. Providing healthcare app development services for years and recognizing the importance on templatizing email activities made Viseven experts in email marketing campaigns as well as mobile-friendliness of apps, emails and websites of our making.
See our case study on HCP and patient engagement through mobile apps.

8Stay in the know

Progress is impossible without communication. In order to progress, digital agency has to avoid isolation. That’s why Viseven makes it its top priority to participate in at least 2 big-pharma events a year, where we hope to contribute, meet prospective customers and partners as well as gain valuable insights to inspire and motivate us to move forward with our ideas. Here’s our recent findings on Digital Pharma East, eyeforpharma Philadelphia&Barcelona, and Digital Pharma Advances.

9Bring in a larger, systemic picture to the table

Once the agency has enough experience on the market, the ambition stops being about the technological prevalence; most of its future now depends on well the agency knows the market and its needs, and how well it can navigate them. The goal now is to come up with an approach to management instead of another technological knick-knack. After trials and errors, it became obvious here at Viseven that channel is not a purpose of pharma marketing, but rather a means, means for a message. So the future of pharma marketing doesn’t think channels, it thinks message. Now imagine an omnipresent message that exists across the whole content management system and publishing environments. It can be positioned and measured anywhere, thus being prompt to reuse of any kind. What we are seeing is a new omnichannel reality with precise personalised content, coherent brand story and clear-cut analytics picture with a consistent message across all channels. That’s how the future looks for Life Sciences content management and creation.

10Predict the needs of the market and create a vision

This kind of systemic omnichannel thinking can only be provided by the content that can be broken down into smallest components for unrestricted use across various channels/campaigns/markets. And while everyone’s only theorizing on ways on how to make Life science content marketing truly omnichannel, here at Viseven, we are already making this concept a reality via our comprehensive base of templates, fragments, as well as technology integrations. This vision altogether goes by the name of Create Once – Publish Everywhere (COPE) approach and promises to bring scalability, automation and big-picture data-thinking.

Bringing a solution like this to life was only possible due to the previous years of accumulating knowledge about the emerging industry needs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that over this decade of building up our cooperation with giants of Life Sciences, the COPE approach embodies the pinnacle of our work on digital healthcare market, and we are pleased for our efforts to have been recently marked by the community. The Sammy’s award for Innovation is a great way to head into the next year of challenges and ambitions. We are also proud by the recent award, PM360, a leading trade magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostics industries, has named Viseven as one of the most innovative Companies of 2019!