Viseven Company has been Veeva Systems partner in multichannel content creation for years. We are aware from our own experience that the success of using this global technology depends on not just the very fact of its deployment, but also on the ability to configure settings, that back company-specific business processes. Therefore, we decided to go further and have expanded our competence to the point of being a full-fledged expert in Veeva products. From now on, we provide the full cycle of services related to content management and Veeva CRM settings as a certified Veeva CRM Administrator.

A certified Administrator’s competence covers all aspects of using Veeva CRM – from external interface parameters to changes in internal settings, such as accesses, territories and accounts. As it is very common for questions to arise on how to change system settings, pharmas either reach out to external specialists or postpone solving the problem until a later date. In such cases, the presence of a constantly available Veeva CRM specialist provides new opportunities for removing all kinds of technical issues that final users may encounter.

What can a Veeva CRM Administrator do for your business?

  • Is able to change user interface settings (language, display of approval conditions, modification of page templates, creation of custom fields and components);
  • Has knowledge of Veeva CRM Architecture (including Veeva Messages fields configuration);
  • Will take care of Global Account Search management, creation of custom buttons, merging Accounts;
  • Organizes the content approval process (setting and assigning roles, hierarchy and access permissions);
  • Will set up workflows related to work in fields (changes in product parameters, work with territories and addresses, presentation properties);
  • Configures any settings related to the use of KPI monitoring system on iPad and Windows devices (data collection and special monitoring settings, uploading to and synchronization in CRM);
  • Will be a reliable guide in configuring Veeva Mylnsights reports.

What does it mean for pharma and agencies to have an expert with such skills?

  • Exactly the most convenient user interface;
  • Possibility to create and upload any content (interactive presentations, email templates, surveys) to Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM. The bottom line is that as a result you have seamless integration of your content with Veeva products;
  • Development of special fields and objects of any complexity according to the needs of the company’s business processes;
  • Ability to monitor field force performance automatically and collect KPI data from each interactive presentation. This allows to monitor key messages efficiency and serves as the basis for further reports to be used by decision-making managers.

Therefore, professional administration provides the opportunity to use interactive CLM presentations, surveys, email templates and any other content types, due to the fact that they can be easily integrated with Veeva System requirements. That also means convenience, because from now on, content and system management will be centralized and streamlined. Finally, you will forget about the need to break down the cycle of content creation, because its usage in CLM and KPI monitoring are both parts of a single process. Today,“all in one” approach is possible!

Good news don’t end here! Thanks to our certification of Veeva CRM Administrator, you can contact us not just for multichannel content development, but CRM configuration itself. This means that within the functionality of Veeva we can support you in anything – from Accounts Configuration and, particularly, reports to training medical representatives on the use of this system. This is your opportunity to master the total range of  Veeva capacities working with a single contractor. To learn more about our services, leave an enquiry on our site. Don’t miss the chance to promote your Veeva qualification! 

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