Recent SMART PHARMA event (June 30th, Kiev, UKRAINE) discussed the relevance of key messages, which pharmaceutical companies deliver to their target audience. To some extent, this live discussion was a kind of a relevance test for the participants as well, related to their ability to comprehend the context and produce marketing messages, which match the customers’ needs.

No doubt, the biggest challenge for marketers today is to follow fast-changing market trends, which requires quick understanding, changing and adapting of the company’s key messages and marketing strategy.

Event moderator and CEO of B2B Ray, Alexander Yurchak, presented some interesting survey, according to which 58% of participants think the content they get from Life Science companies is not relevant and pointed that their readiness to buy products after such interaction with a brand is lower than 45%.

Yurchak Alexander, CEO of B2B Ray, leading Pharma Marketing Academy coach:

‘Improving the quality and message of sales cycle is a huge challenge for all industries, the pharmaceutical included. Consumers are constantly changing and adapting to their new experiences and preferences, which demands high-level feedback and reaction from Life Science marketers. From my point of view, Viseven solutions perfectly fit dealing with such challenge and what is more – you can get all the tools for eDetailing creation, editing, integration, analytics and even expert trainings – from single provider.’

Leading Viseven CLM experts, Victoria Lesyk and Anna Dederkal, presented 360 degrees Viseven tools and services, aimed to go far beyond standard CLM. Powerful eDetailing creation from idea to realization becomes as quick and stable as ever with eWizard.JS HTML5 development framework – the unique standard for HTML5 presentations development. The ready-made eDetailing can be used in any CLM system, on any device and via any channel. With over 5 years’ experience in digital communications – we introduced our thoughtfully designed content production, approval and deployment processes, empowered by flexible backend and the most sophisticated mobile application.

Nataliya Andreychuk, СLM entrepreneur, CEO, Viseven:

‘With all the benefits in charge, cross-channel communications make it complicated to gather relevant analytics from each of the channels used. Our team was inspired with the idea to create the only platform, powered by the unique HTML5 development standard, which helps all the stakeholders – patients, doctors, healthcare organizations, brand managers – to get information they need, in the way and format they need, at any time from any channel. eWizard Dynamic KPIs provide a faster, more responsive service with a consistently high standard for the quality of content creation and more important – evaluation of each and every activity.’