JUNE 21, 2016 – We are proud to announce the transnational merger of Viseven and QAP companies to serve our customers even better worldwide. The consolidation under the Viseven Europe brand will empower us to unite the best industry experts and aim at making healthcare products promotion more sophisticated.

The strategic merger will combine Estonian and Ukrainian expertise to expand promotional opportunities for pharma companies, represented on both CIS and European markets. Such a combination allows affiliates making a step forward in digital transformation and simplifying collaboration with the headquarters.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven:

“Our merger sets the stage for bringing pharma software quality to the highest level. Viseven Europe will become twice more innovative, with even more sophisticated services for our customers. We are delighted to see how this merger will contribute to all our partners and customers business development. The consolidation will allow the customers easily adapt their strategy to the situation on the marketplace. Meanwhile, the partners will benefit from it by getting more touchpoints with prospects.”

A set of technology solutions, suggested by Viseven Europe, will comprise mobile app maker, CLM application, CRM software, HTML5 framework and remote education module. The bunch of these solutions empowers meaningful and relevant communication between healthcare providers, physicians and patients. We have thoroughly developed and tested each of them in real setting to ensure they can be smoothly embedded into corporate ecosystem of any pharmaceutical company.

Starting with a creative idea and ending with capturing live feedback from customers, our solutions take care of bringing agility into all your business processes:

  • rapid interactive presentations creation, localization, updates, approval and multichannel content delivery within single platform – eWizard. The development of mobile content in this tool is supported by HTML5 standard on background – eWizard.JS Engine;
  • live customer feedback capturing, field force efficiency monitoring and sales increase with combination of Viseven CLM and CRM;
  • sales teams training and knowledge reinforcement with remote education module Viseven Stream.

We believe that the potential of this merger will help all our stakeholders unify global and local markets, build timely relevant interactions with their customers and reach revenue boost. Request a free demo to see how Viseven solutions can change pharma communication.