With digital technologies being literally everywhere and constantly expanding their footprint, pharma marketers simply cannot ignore its impact. eConsultancy and Ogilvy report proves that most pharma companies have not only realized the necessity of going digital but are already implementing innovations into their marketing activities:

marketing activities

Despite their readiness to adopt digital, as well as a number of software solutions that can support that intent, many life sciences companies are still facing numerous challenges. Something like “Oh, my digital assets are so poorly organized”, or “I don’t have constant access to my digital materials, you know”, or “It’s all about budgets – I simply cannot reuse the materials in stock and need to address agencies for the minor changes” and much more.

The reason for that issue appears in Veeva 2015 Life Sciences Commercial Content Management Survey, which has shown that quite many pharma companies use several paper-based or in-house DAM systems, storing content in different places. And only 6% of the respondents have an industry-specific system that covers all stages of content management. Actually, that is the main cause of problems with materials management and updates, which usually results in irrelevant and outdated content in fields. Meanwhile, all of us (HCPs are not an exception to that) like fresh and consistent information. Besides, we love to get it in time, not months after we’ve been looking for it.

tools to manage commercial content

This very report highlights what do pharma marketers want from CMS to speed up time to market and create long-life content assets that will reduce budgets on updates and reuse:

commercial content management system

What’s more, the leading life sciences companies have a high demand for out-of-the-box solutions, which will help to streamline content-related processes and reach their main goal – shift to an outcome-based approach. As Joseph Jimenez, CEO of Novartis, states:

“One of the areas digitization is going to change the industry is around the shifting from a transactional approach to an outcomes-based approach. Transactional means, for example, just selling a pill. An outcome approach focuses on delivering a positive patient outcome, of which that pill is one piece.” 

Within this vision, dynamic relevant content is at the heart of the evolving need to provide better patient outcomes. The reason for that is quite simple: the more reusable digital assets are, the more channels they cover – the better content resonates with patients and evokes trust for pharma products.

Ideal content management system: what should it look like?

Veeva provides a single source of truth – Vault PromoMats, a sophisticated solution for content management. But there’s no limit to perfection, that’s why we have decided to expand the capabilities of digital assets reuse and flow across multiple channels and integrated eWizard platform with a full bunch of Veeva products, Vault included. Due to this integration, both Veeva and eWizard users gain unlimited opportunities to take content management to the next level and accelerate time to market:

  1. Easy 24/7 access to global content. All you need to do that is to connect your Veeva and eWizard accounts. On doing that, you will get direct access to Veeva PromoMats, where you’ll be able to add approved digital assets to the presentation while editing, as well as control their expiration date. Besides, with integration to eWizard Mobile Apps Store, you can search for any ready-made app or presentation, used on either global or local level, and download it for alterations immediately.
  2. Fast changes introduction and 100% content reuse. Right after you’ve downloaded the necessary presentation to your eWizard space, you can start editing any piece of content, be that texts, images, videos etc. The point here is you needn’t address the external agency for that anymore and wait for weeks until the updates will be ready or spend additional budgets on that.
  3. Streamlined approval process. On editing the eDetailer, you can either approve it within eWizard itself (by the way, with all the interactivity and animation being activated) or automatically publish it for review to Vault in a single click.
  4. Automatic publishing to Veeva Vault PromoMats. You needn’t to address a specific Veeva admin anymore to upload your presentation to Vault – all the required fields are set up automatically, e.g. country, therapeutic area, product etc.
  5. Optimized multichannel content distribution. Once the presentation has been checked for compliance and approved, you can instantly distribute it via multiple channels: export it to your CLM or CRM, publish it as an iOS/Android app or directly to Sandbox/Production environment, as well as send a link to it for viewing the presentation in a web browser.

By using the tandem of these powerful systems, you can be absolutely sure that your digital assets are always up-to-date and relevant to your customers (both HCPs and patients – depending on whom the specific presentation or app is targeting).

To see the integration in action, request a free eWizard trial and book a short demo with our Multichannel Content Strategist.