“Oh no, not those updates again…”, “Could they send us feedback faster?”, “Well, I remember that piece of content was over there, but now it’s gone”, “You know, the additional functionality will require additional time and budgets”.

If at least one of those phrases ever came to your mind, then welcome to the club. To the club of those, who daily struggle with digital content production. Actually, most of those challenges could be classified as follows:

  • Vague requirements or no detailed brief at all;
  • Changes to design after it has been signed off, which means fundamental changes to (either or both) code and structure of web page/interactive presentation etc.;
  • Integration issues between front-end and back-end.

So, is there any chance to resolve all those issues? We have checked the options and compiled a number of tips for you not to get stuck in the endless corrections, updates and so on.

marketers struggle from managing the content process

Top marketing challenges in content production, Kapost


It’s easier to complete the project when there’s a good deal of groundwork already, rather than starting from scratch each time, isn’t it? Here’s why we’ve thought of developing some ready-to-use templates and elements within the eWizard platform, which one can use to create an eDetailing presentation or mobile app.

Each presentation slide or app screen can be easily filled in with text, images, videos or interactive elements like sliders, charts, flip cards etc. All you need to get your presentation ready is just to fill it with pieces of content according to the storyboard.

The main advantage in here is that eWizard is powered by eWizard.JS Framework – a unified standard of HTML5 presentations development. The combination ensures that both skilled developers and digital managers can work in a single environment, utilizing different approaches – either using an intuitive web interface, which doesn’t require any specific programming skills, or compiling a presentation out of blocks of code.

Such kind of cooperation also ensures that all the materials created can be easily reused or altered afterward, without any extra investments.


When you enter the megastore, what grabs your attention first? Let me guess that are not the products themselves. Actually, that is the way they are categorized and placed. For even the best products choice won’t help if you get lost among the shelves.

Just the same with the digital content: if all the assets are properly organized, you won’t waste time to look for it. Here’s why we have developed a solution that unifies all the cloud storages you use in one, with a chance to upload and download apps, HTML5 presentations etc. What’s more, it suggests a possibility to reuse ready-made content from other developers or offices. In addition, it provides a handy search of all the materials, which ensures you find the necessary piece of content in a matter of minutes.


Who hasn’t struggled from lengthy approval of each project stage? All those comments in email, weeks of awaiting that affect content relevance. To do that, we have included an approval module to eWizard platform, as well as integrated it with Veeva to streamline marketing, legal and medical approval processes. As a result, all the team members, responsible for content reviewing, can do it within one platform in an interactive mode; approve or decline materials online with two-way email notifications and provide comments to each element of the presentation or app.


Well, to prepare a good piece of content doesn’t seem to be a tough task for you anymore. Yet, when it comes to product launch to some distant markets, most companies fail to ensure the highest localization benchmarks. A recent research listed the most widespread challenges of localization:

  • Non-standardized localization process;
  • Low understanding of local market needs;
  • Diverse content repositories in a combination with complex legacy systems.

challenges of translating into different languages

Remove Translation Barriers That Obstruct Digital Experience Success, Forrester

To break those barriers, we suggest 2 localization options in eWizard – either online, or offline. Both of them allow to significantly cut down time spent on translating materials into a variety of languages. While localizing online, you can replace text and images either directly on the slides, or in a special localization table. What’s more, this very table can be downloaded as an Excel file, translated offline and uploaded back, with all the text replaced automatically. And, the final option is generating a link to the localization table and sending it to the chosen translation agency.


If you buy something, especially an expensive thing, you would like it to serve for quite a long time, wouldn’t you? Then why should you allocate some additional budgets on your digital content, if it can be just updated and reused over and over again? What’s more, the same HTML5 presentations or mobile apps can be used on different devices, platforms and even CLM systems.

To help you save money on adapting digital assets to diverse communication channels, we have integrated a number of major CLMs and operating systems into eWizard tool, as well as into eWizard.JS Engine. So, you needn’t study any specific documentation or requirements to publish your ready content to Veeva, QuintilesIMS or some other system anymore.

challenges of supporting content for different channels

Top marketing challenges in content production, Kapost

Besides the ways to optimize content production line abovementioned, our experts are ready to share with you some additional tips and tricks on how to increase your teams’ productivity. To get the idea how those tips works in practice, be sure to contact us right away!