Viseven is proud to unveil a totally new approach to managing content for Life Science communication with the customers – a combination of eWizard and Veeva Vault.

Tending to streamline the business processes in Big Pharma, we have integrated our cloud-based solution for eDetailing creation, adaptation and editing – eWizard, into Veeva Vault. From now on, the process of content approval becomes as easy as pie – with eWizard, your brand managers receive rather personal assistant than just a tool for managing interactive content.

Unifying the best practices and solid expertise of Viseven and Veeva, we have created a unique single workspace for your brand and product managers. This powerful combination ensures the streamlined workflow for Veeva customers and significantly expands the opportunities in product promotion. Except permanent access to all the materials on global and local levels, you can easily create a new presentation from scratch in a couple of hours, edit the existing one in less than 30 minutes, localize it in several clicks, approve and distribute via multiple channels to your customers.

We are definitely sure, that this integrable solution will become a first step to increased efficiency of in-house eDetailing creation, approval and distribution, as well as will significantly contribute to reducing time and money consumption on that. Contact us to get more information about how to optimize your efforts in content management.