Empowering communication in fields, we aim to make your digital journey as easy, as possible. For this very reason, we are constantly working on improvements of the handiest CLM tool – Viseven CLM. Today, we are happy to present you the updated features of the platform, which make sales and marketing processes even more flexible and transparent.

To measure sales forces efficiency, the periodicity of planning routes for them has been optimized. The functionality allows not only planning the routes for a day, but also duplicating them if they coincide. Due to that, there is no more necessity to create the same route a couple of times in a row.

Except that, to simplify the reporting system, we have implemented an opportunity to add photos to the events. It allows, for example, attaching the photos of the bills in order to track the expenses. All of them are synchronized and stored in the CRM system and are available for preview depending on the user role.

Besides, we have added an option to promote product portfolio and collect feedback on it with KPIs tracking for the whole portfolio.

From now on, you can also monitor the history of orders and sales in details – according to the sales manager, territory or account. Likewise, a possibility to preview the sales plan has been also introduced. It displays the planned number of products for a medical representative to sell this month to a certain organization (hospital or pharmacy) or contact (physician or pharmacist). By the end of the period, it helps to assess the med rep’s productivity due to comparing planned and actual sales.

Minding to keep your data even more secure, we have made the access to it stricter. It means that certain information can be edited or removed only if your role allows that. For example, medical representative cannot introduce changes or delete the event, which his manager has created.

Still don’t believe that the updated Viseven CLM can significantly simplify your everyday routine? Dismiss doubts – request a free demo and try it on your own.