On November 12-13, the second series of educational workshops “Digital Marketing Days” was successfully launched in Almaty. The event became an unlimited source of expertise for brand, marketing and field force managers of the pharmaceutical companies.

The new country made a very positive impression – not only regarding the cultural aspect, but also considering the overall awareness and openness to innovations of the local CLM market and its representatives. During the 2 days-training, more than 50 industry minds from such pharma companies as Stada, Berlin-Chemie, Pfizer, Roche, Astra Zeneca, discussed the latest trends of CLM approaches implementation and participated in the practical workshops on interactive content creation.

So, what are the takeaways from Digital Marketing Days and what is on the background of the pharmaceutical market in Kazakhstan?

54,6% of the companies represented at the event already use tablets in fields; 27,3% work with interactive presentations; 54,5% still use PPT and PDF materials on the call.

40% of the companies update the interactive content twice a year, 20% – once. Only 27,3% get the ready-made content from the headquarters, while 72,7% create the interactive presentations using own resources. That definitely opens almost the unlimited opportunities for implementing tools and technology solutions for rapid eDetailing development.

Creation of interactive content is one of the greatest challenges for pharmaceutical companies in Kazakhstan. 81,8% of the participants claimed this challenge to be the most burning one. The second and third place go to the approval of the ready-made materials and complexity of using that kind of content on the call.

81% of the companies measure the effectiveness of the interactive presentations by increase in sales and number of prescriptions. Just few of them use such kind feedback from the CLM systems as “attitude to the slide”, “time on the slide”, “duration of the presentation view” to analyze the efficacy. It demonstrates lack of awareness about proper use of dynamic KPIs or proves inability to properly process and use the received information.

Let’s also consider investments into the most valuable resource of any company – it’s employees. The average budget for med reps education equals $450 per year (for 1 person). That is approximately the cost of one training and, perhaps, some additional marketing materials for refreshing the received information.

The companies still actively use the common channels of product promotion – TV, printed media, online advertising.

44% of the participants are ready to speak at Digital Marketing Days next year; 83,3% evaluated the training as “perfect”.

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The next Digital Marketing Days will be hosted in February is Warsaw, Poland.

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