SHANGHAI, CHINA – August 1, 2015 –Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss”. The go-to-market road for Life Sciences takes too long to produce meaningful results, it’s also always resource and cost-intensive. While company is making formulary decisions and waiting for the ready CLM product to come up in a half of a year, the competitors bite the sweetest piece of market pie. So how to start with a blank slate and find the fastest way to establish the right footing for maximizing commercial success?


Launching new products becomes challenging because of multiple communication channels, regulations pressure and diverse stakeholder needs. Except traditional product launch stages, brands must expand the market, manage cross-functional interactions and develop more activities before launch, thus preparing army of advocates, already awaiting for product. Expanding stakeholders’ landscape, which has gone far beyond just payers, physicians and regulators, is the key success factor of the CLM launch strategy. Orchestrated customer engagement is vital for long-term relations development and communicating value during the launch process. Here in Viseven we developed proven market entry CLM strategy aimed to turn the time you usually spend on organizational efforts into real digital flash.


Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven, CLM expert:

“The companies seek a complete solution that matches needs of sales, marketing and medical teams while aligning the entire organization around customer needs. In our Viseven solution all customer touchpoints are channeled through one fully accessible system — making it an integral part of communications strategy.”


From now on all CLM implementation stages can be unified into one digital ecosystem. Viseven efficient insightful communication tool in combination with eWizard eDetailing cloud allow to unroll the СLM system market entry just in 3 weeks. This thoughtfully designed strategy, despite its short terms of implementation, brings strong CRM analytics to measure performance subtly and instantly readjust marketing activities for the highest degree of success.


Such complex technology allows you to concentrate efforts not on managing separate parts of the CLM project as it used to happen before, but to put all your talents and creativity into inspiring content creation. With Viseven you always stay focused on the most important parts of your campaign, aligned across teams and all channels, which empowers nurturing existing relationships and building new customers success stories across the market.


Nataliya Andreychuk

Landline USA: +17184759266

First published on PR Newswire.