The rising need for more pharma digital content evokes the need for faster creation and updates of that content because of fast market changes. Besides, with the increase of the communication channels, the necessity of quick materials adaptation to each of them comes to surface.

According to the survey, we have launched recently, 50% of pharma companies tend to reuse the ready-made content either often, or even all the time, while 48% do it sometimes. Also, 21,2% are eager to reduce budgets spent on content production and updates, and 18,1% want to improve collaboration with their agencies.

In terms of those needs, the relations of pharma marketers and creative agencies become more important than ever. As far as too many projects and digital channels are on the scene, pharma companies want to be sure that their agencies are able to cope with that diversity and deliver everything on time. To help improve the pharma-agency cooperation, we have prepared a short checklist of the requirements to pharma content providers.

Proper choice of tools and platforms to drive success

Currently, most pharma companies utilize 3 to 4 content management systems on average. And that’s just about tools for handling marketing content. Not to mention that the diverse communication channels emerge, like email marketing, remote calls, eLearning, virtual reality educational apps, etc.

That’s why the modern agencies should be proficient enough in using those tools and channels. At least, the most common ones. Except that, it’s crucial not just to be able to manage all the toolkit. In a perfect world, there should be a single platform, which will unify all the tools and provide easy access to any of them. That will help to reduce both operations and time needed on content creation and changes.

It’s all about transparency: building agency ecosystem

When it comes to processes and communication transparency, such kind of a unified platform can also be of use. Especially, when pharma company collaborates with several agencies, who manage not the whole project, but its parts, for example design, localization, CLM/CRM adaptation, and so on. That leads to getting diverse pieces of information, and sometimes it’s quite hard to collect them into one puzzle. In that case, creating a single agency ecosystem with pre-set benchmarks and requirements will simplify content flow, approvals and any other aspect of project.

If there’s such an ecosystem in place, your pharma customers get the following benefits (which, actually are beneficial for digital agencies as well):

  • Clear pricing and ability to monitor team performance – control the contribution of each team member, likewise if the project timelines are strictly observed;
  • Facilitated communication and streamlined workflow – send materials for review, provide comments, and get the approval in a couple of minutes instead of relogging into different systems and spending much time on writing emails or holding Skype meetings;
  • Speeded up time-to-market due to fast localization – get the full visibility of every digital asset you have on both global and local markets, and reduce time spent on adapting materials to local market needs.

Thanks to that, each stakeholder of the content development and management process gets the complete understanding of the requirements, project stages completion, deadlines and so on. Yet, it’s not just about setting clear benchmarks and monitoring project execution. The last question is…

What should the ideal operating model look like to building long-term pharma-agency relations?

We ask it, because previously the interactions between pharma companies and agencies looked as follows:

Digital Content Factory

With the arrival of Digital Content Factory, it looks much simpler, due to the tuned processes and aligned communication:

Digital Content Factory

So, there’s no more need to write lengthy emails in the course of communication – either on the development stage, or during localization etc. The single workspace empowers pharma marketers to send the necessary piece of content for updates in a single click, while you will be notified about that immediately.

As a result, your pharma customers get the desired speed-to-market, and you – the possibility to close more projects in the shortest time. Well, in our fast-paced world, the winner takes it all. And the winner is the one who is faster, actually.

If you want to get more info about automating content production and streamlining the communication with your pharma customers, drop us a line and our multichannel experts will be in touch soon.