Could you ever imagine that all of your sales forces will get a single workspace with all data from fields immediately synchronized into your CRM system? Have you ever come across a question how to engage each of your customers? Are you still trying to implement a digital strategy that meets not just your business needs, but also all of your customers’ preferences?


We are happy to announce that the latest version of Viseven CLM – an ultimate CLM solution for empowering your field forces, collecting live customer feedback and building rich conversation with the target audience – is already available in App Store.


As of today, all your key account managers, distribution managers, regional managers and med reps receive a powerful tool, which turns their everyday routine upside down and helps to simplify the workflow. With new extended functionalities, KAMs, merchandizers and DAMs can fix the agreements, recommended orders, monitor product availability, layout and stock, manage POSMs and instantly send that data to CRM system.


What is more, we have added a possibility of automatic call scheduling, depending on the company’s business processes and recommended frequency of performing the calls. Viseven CLM automatically creates the next call, according to the period, received from presets in CRM. If you need to change it – for example, choose another day or time, you can do it directly from the Planner.


Besides, you do not need to enter the call characteristics on your own – the application receives a definite, categorized set of characteristics directly from your CRM.


Also, you can track the efficiency of your field force and compare their performance according to the frequency of the calls to each of the contacts and overall reach of the customers.


To start using the application – download it from the App Store right away. If you need to get some detailed information about the tool functionality – request a free demo.