Do you agree that we are choosing attitude, not ignorance; quality of services, not just products? We do love to be well served while we are purchasing anything, don’t we? But do we always find what we have been looking for? That is why customer experience becomes a new top priority for marketers, as far as the customers are undoubtedly the major driving force of company proliferation. And if they are really satisfied, they will not only return to buying your products and services, but also advise your brand to their friends, relatives and acquaintances, thus promoting you just for free.

Recent Garnet research proves that 90% of companies are going to compete mainly on the basis of customer experience. Meanwhile almost 70% of customers are eager to spend more with companies who deliver them superior customer services. That is a new battlefield for marketers, a new point for differentiation – create personalized experiences, giving your customers what they need exactly when they need it.

Remember Steve Jobs saying: “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology”? Nowadays pharma companies struggle from having lots of digital solutions, which does not solve the problem of effective communication with the target audience. We suggest you to have a quick look at 3 simple steps to creating customer lifetime adherence to your brand:

1. Engage customers into dialogue.

Present them timely credible information via multiple touchpoints and collect feedback instantly. One of the best variants to do that is interactive content, which evokes interest and allows not only to tell stories, but also to make customer respond to your questions and discuss with you his current needs.

2. Get a clear vision of the whole customer journey.

Turn data from various channels into a 360o view of the customer, perform smart analytics and see the strong and weak points of your relationships. Track the history of communication to deliver even more personalized content and services.

3. Optimize your channel strategy.

Align and tune all the communication channels – either face-to-face activities, or digital remote interactions through the whole customer journey. Give the customer an unlimited opportunity to choose the most preferable way to interact with your brand.

Finally, show your target audience that you take into account all their previous preferences. Meet them on each of the touchpoints with the services and content, which exceed their expectations. Shifting the focus from brand- and product-centricity to creating remarkable customer experience, you will get an army of brand advocates. Shortly, you will ascertain that is the best investment in your business.