Framework, MVC, syntax, markup… – all these may sound like buzzwords for business stakeholders. Let’s be frank: you, as a business owner, are not always interested in the technical side of the digital content development. All you need – handy tools and platforms to speed up the process of content development and adaptation. Though, before choosing technical means, let’s have a closer look at frameworks and their essential features that will help you to reach efficiency and reduce time to market, while not compromising on quality. To start with, consider the following basics.

Why using a framework?

The framework is not “a must”, but it helps to develop faster and keep code clean and sustainable. Thanks to a set of out-of-the-box components, frameworks ensure that the app or presentation designed is maintainable, upgradable, interoperable with business standards and is in full compliance with the devices used. Besides, while saving time on creating general functionality and repeating the same standard work, developers can dedicate more time to creating more specific and complex features. Which way? Let’s have a closer look at eWizard.JS framework to illustrate in what way frameworks can bring value to your business and discover possible ways to create your own Digital content Factory with a platform for managers, featuring user-friendly interface – eWizard.

Save time on development by automating coding

Frameworks let your developers automate the repeatable actions, leverage the hard work and inherit the best practices of those who came before. The eWizard.JS engine is using own command-line user interface (CLI) to automate all manual work and ensure the right project architecture. You can create a presentation, add new slides and chapters, install components and publish content to multiple channels just in few clicks. Due to unique CLM-agnostic API, there is no need to adapt apps to every platform, learn different standards and CLM requirements, as the framework is seamlessly integrated with the major CLM systems and mobile devices. Thanks to that, the same project can be uploaded to different CLM platforms with ease to quickly respond to any customer needs.

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Maintenance and upgradability

The main reason why the majority of applications rarely get updates is the high cost and lack of time. Meanwhile, using eWizard.JS, the post-release updates become fast and neat. Due to MVC-based approach that sets business logic apart from its visualization, you can change any part of the presentation, install new modules, update media resources and text without affecting the whole structure, style, and markup. As a result, you can easily localize an application, maintain and upgrade it over time to quickly respond to changing market needs.

Single standard across all teams for better collaboration

Just imagine that you can coordinate work among developers from different teams and locations while ensuring seamless development process. eWizard.JS provides a balance between usability and versatility, unified development standard to keeping code clean. Tailor project into separate independent parts to tune simultaneous work of developers and provide solid performance. What do you get? The development process will become 4 times faster. Sounds cool, right?

single standard across all teams

Predesigned components

eWizard.JS has a set of ready-made templates and components. While understanding the basic market needs and using the best practices of digital content creation, the components are not only a backbone of your project but can also become a source of inspiration. Take the basic navigation or animation component; add you own style and functionality to create a real masterpiece. eWizard.JS provides a variety of ready to use components, each having reusable markup, style, and js code:

  • Core and common modules for handling user interactions;
  • Structure modules for quick presentation construction in chapters and slides;
  • Navigation modules to organize content in an accessible way, using menu, site map, thumbnails;
  • Animation and interactive modules to add animation and visualization effects;
  • Visual and chart modules to visualize data in a user-friendly way with the help of popups, carousels, tab groups charts, graphs etc.

Security and support

A significant advantage of the eWizard.JS is the community of developers and users behind it. Let’s talk in numbers: more than 520 of active users daily, over 4300 eDetailings and 3000 apps created with eWizard.JS. What does it mean? Due to long-term experience in creating digital content, the team of own developers, digital content managers and QA engineers, any vulnerability, lack of functionality is easily managed and fixed. The framework comes with the support team, documentation, and community website, so you can quickly find troubleshooting information, the solution to any challenge and share own ideas.

To get the maximum value of tech innovations for creating digital content, request a free demo to see how eWizard.JS framework in combination with the eWizard platform can contribute to creating your own Digital Content Factory.