• Simple techniques for effective communication with the physicians

Simple techniques for effective communication with the physicians on the call

F2F conversation is one the best ways to present you company`s products and materials, as well as to deepen understanding of the doctor`s voice toward specific market insights and get valuable feedback.


An interesting fact is that 87% of professionals believe face-to-face meetings are essential for sealing a business deal, 95% of them are sure that the key to successful business relationships is through face-to-face interactions. One more surprising fact – 47% of them admit they have lost a contract or client because they didn`t meet them face-to-face enough.

What can replace the value of true F2F interaction in digital pharma marketing world? It seems to be that nothing can be so important and valuable than reaching your brand loyalty through deep understanding of the customers and their needs on the call, maintaining eye contact and forming a positive impression.


Individual approach has numerous peculiarities and benefits, that are of great importance:

  • Personal contact or real-time chat;
  • Building a dialogue with the customer, thus, “two-way flow of information”;
  • Opportunity to involve doctor in engaging story and get commentaries, thus, understand current needs;
  • Quickly make decisions, analyzing the situation and deal with the issues on the spot;
  • Present materials, patient information leaflets and other required documents to the doctor, stored on one device.

What medical representative should remember on the call and how to improve communicative process? We consider and analyze some materials, pieces of advice to make several value points.


William T. Brooks, the author of the books “The new science of selling and persuasion: How smart companies and great salespeople sell”, admits that “to listen” means not only to keep silence or consider the next questions, but to pay attention to what client is talking about, thinking about details and noting valuable information.

Sometimes lack of reps` ability “to listen actively” leads to misunderstanding in perception; as a result, they could not deal with the flow of information, use it effectively for future tasks.


A.T. Bychkov, the author of the book ““Hello! I am a medical representative” or the concept of meaningful call to the doctor” gives examples of the types of doctor`s product perception.




The doctor sees the product, but how to understand what impressions does it evoke? In this case, it is better to create estimation scale with the following or similar points: negative attitude, rather negative, indifferent reaction, rather positive, very positive attitude.


Actionable tip: with the help of digital power, med reps can collect physicians` attitude to particular slide with valuable content just touching the screen of the iPad.



There can be several products, which cure the same illness. The customer can prefer to use the products of other companies. The customer can also like the product of your company, but doesn`t give a priority. How to form the list of customer`s preferences?


Medical representative needs, in this case, to compare products, find benefits, explain that your company`s product has valuable benefits, which can solve their problems and bring advantage. There is no way for convincing and praising high quality of a product, its great features, because such “push” methods don`t work anymore.


Actionable tip: The functionality of eWizard tool to create engaging animated slides allows med reps to compare medical products in form of game, as well as easy get to know physicians preferences.



The matter of this point is that the doctor has preferences (and reps already know them), but isn`t sure enough to use and prescribe exact medicine to the patients. To change the situation, a medical representative has a task to present materials in such way that the doctor will understand the big difference and profound essence of the product. How to become a wizard and take matters in own hands?


Actionable tip: For instance, a med rep can show the doctor the whole presentation or a single slide, where it is going not only about the product, characteristics, but also about the patients (patient profiles), the stories of their diseases. It is very engaging, what`s more, the doctor can answer the questions in the presentation and be involved in the story. 


Md. Khairul Alam, Senior Product manager at Nuvista Pharma Limited, admits “not to hide or suppress unpleasant information”: every drug has advantages and disadvantages, give both sides of the story, let the doctor decide after knowing all the facts.


It is known for a med rep and for the physician, that each product has its pros and cons, however, rarely they are being talked about them on the call. Whatever the situation, if to give a chance for some cons to be present – it is likely, that the doctor will believe in your product story.

As Tim Hurson and Tim Dunne wrote…“Selling is not about the art of persuasion. Instead, the best kind of selling emerges naturally from your genuine interest in the person you`re working with and your sincere desire to be of use.”

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