ROME, ITALY, May 27, 2015 – Inspired by patient focus, as the latest trend in pharma marketing, Viseven has launched the real digital breakthrough on the canvas of multichannel, helping Life Sciences get closer to the direct target audience, patients, – eWizard. This powerful technology solution, integrated into, allows brands to orchestrate all the available channels for engaging content delivery to get the sweetest symphony of customer lifetime loyalty.

With digital explosion penetrating deeper in everyday life, people are looking for value-added digital services that make them feel well served, respected and cared,ccording to their expectations. Multiplicity of channels for reaching customers remotely opens virtually unlimited opportunities. On the other hand, it is hard to choose the right channel to attract and retain customer’s attention. The more channels we embrace, the longer it takes to create appropriate content or adapt the existing one to engage customers. One-of-a-kind combination of eWizard.JS HTML5 development standard and eWizard eDetailing Cloud is the ultimate solution to cut down time and budgets on producing interactive content – flexible and easily adaptable to any distribution channel.

Nataliya Andreychuk, СLM expert, CEO, Viseven:

“We are often thinking too long – how to come to our direct Customers? How can we discover what channel will drive the effective clickthrough? Will they enjoy mobile app, micro website, just email or personal call? To reach the right person at the right moment with the right content, one has to thoughtfully choose a partner – to embrace technology that will take you directly to Your Customer from one hands.”

After years of developing interactive content, we have worked out totally innovative approach to connecting Pharma companies with their customers – physicians and patients: remote multichannel digital content distribution from eWizard eDetailing Cloud. Integration into with prebuilt Dynamic KPIs tracking helps Pharma to get real-time insights into customer needs by collecting impressions, feedback and comments across multiple channels instantly. Visualized reporting empowers to use those insights to personalize content and satisfy various customer preferences. Altering key-message, merging and aligning all the touchpoints, adding value with relevant info of customer demand, – you maximize engagement, impact and adherence.

Start digital multichannel journey with eWizard to see how easy it is – to be there, where your customers are. Not just hearing them, but listening to them.

Nataliya Andreychuk