KUALA-LUMPUR, Malaysia, May 19, 2017 – Being the first worldwide workshop on pharma digital marketing best practices, Digital Marketing Days provides unrivalled networking opportunity for pharma senior executives to discuss latest innovations and industry trends. This time, the event expands its geography to Malaysia thanks to Viseven’s strategic partner Digital A Plus Healthcare, who organizes Asia Pacific Multichannel Marketing Expert Meeting for Pharma and Healthcare as a part of Digital Marketing Days.

How to choose proper channel mix to build effective communication? How digital can contribute to speeding up time to market and budgets reduction? How to use customer insights for interactions personalization?

To cover keynote theme “Reshaping the future of pharma”, the honored speakers and industry movers will share practical expertise in digital transformation of pharma organizational structure, namely: Gurpinder Singh (GSK India), Dr. Sampreeth Shivanna, Sylvia Hii (Digital A Plus Healthcare), Noor Aida (CCM Ethical Division), Kaushal Parikh (Mundipharma Singapore), Ruslana Magdych and Sergii Sereda (Viseven Group).

Asia Pacific Multichannel Marketing Expert Meeting will touch upon the most burning topics:

•             Past and future trends for eDetailing and CLM/CRM systems development;

•             Embedding digital into the corporate DNA as a part internal and external transformation;

•             The mix of traditional and innovative approaches for reaching the effective multichannel communication;

•             Technology conformity as a key factor for success in the pharma-agency ecosystem;

•             Optimising each channel for an improved F2F and digital user experience throughout the customer journey.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven Group:

 “Here at Viseven, we know how to get the most of each interaction with customer. Working with pharma for over 10 years, we found actionable solutions to empower highly personalized communication that results in significant sales growth. We believe that digital technologies can stimulate the faster emergence of transparent, value-based and mutually beneficial relationships between healthcare practitioners and pharma businesses in the area and can’t wait to be part of that process!”

We invite you to join us in Kuala-Lumpur and exchange ideas on pharma transformation with the most innovative and effective strategies in digital marketing.

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Become a part of the most innovative digital pharma event of the Asia pacific region! Be sure to contact us for more details.

Digital Marketing Days in Malaysia

Digital Marketing Days in Malaysia