The more med reps try to get into HCP’s ear, the less HCPs want to listen. It goes without saying that doctors would rather spend this time with patients. And it makes pharmaceutical companies strive for some other ways to reach out physicians.

Yet, according to a recent study, physicians still prefer to get information about medical products from medreps. More than 56% of them consider that communication with medical representatives has a valuable educational role, as well as is a source of trustful information about drugs. At the same time, around 70% of doctors admit that there’s a higher chance they will prescribe a specific medication if the medical representative was convincing enough.

So, the question comes to the surface: how to stop bothering physicians with too many medreps visits while keeping their engagement and the sense of personalization of face-to-face meetings? Actually, that’s the starting point for expanding traditional pharma-doctor interactions with the help of cutting-edge technology. Let’s explore the quick guide on using digital tools for improving HCPs engagement without taking up their precious time for seeing patients (or having a cup of coffee in between, after all).


Yeah, we want to say that HCPs like the idea of remote education (online medreps visits included) more and more. There’s a rationale to that: such kind of getting useful information about medicines unties doctor’s hands in terms of time. For a simple reason – they can go to online portals with tons of relevant data or join an online meeting whenever it is convenient for them. And that won’t impact their work schedule.

To be substantive, here are just some numbers from a study E-Learning is a Well-Accepted Tool in Supplementary Training among Medical Doctors:

  • Almost 75% of physicians found eLearning an easy way to acquire knowledge;
  • 57% note higher efficiency of online education, compared to traditional in-person trainings;
  • Over 61% of doctors admit that eLearning is quite time-saving;
  • 91% state that the scope and schedule are much more convenient than with face-to-face trainings;
  • Finally, 94% are going to continue such an experience.

doctors note higher efficiency of online education

As you can see, the HCPs are more than ready to online engagement. That’s why it’s high time for pharma to suggest them diverse options of getting relevant drug information remotely.


As we have already mentioned above, physicians want to spend their office hours on seeing their patients. Then why not to suggest them a chance to educate when they have some spare time? Let them decide on their own, whether it will be their lunchtime, or they will want to join the meeting from home, or any other time, suitable for them.

Have a look at a short list of other benefits, which both doctors and pharma companies can drive from this approach:

  • Your medical representatives will save their time as well, for there will be no need to travel to doctor’s office and wait in line until he is ready to talk.
  • HCPs are much more eager to share some feedback during remote interactions. The reason is that online meetings are more relaxing in nature, thus creating a sympathetic atmosphere for more frank and insightful dialogue.
  • What’s more, on remote visits, the doctor can interact with the materials demonstrated on his own, which significantly increases engagement.

With modern technology at your disposal, you can get all the remote calls planning, conducting and analysis in one place. Follow the link to check more details on what remote communication works looks like.

online meetings bring flexibility into HCPs schedule



Despite the fact that online meetings looking so attractive for doctors, sometimes they don’t have time even for that. And that’s the moment when online knowledge base comes to play. By saying “online knowledge base” or “virtual library” we mean an online storage of relevant digital materials, which can serve both as a logical continuation of the dialogue with medreps and as a fully-featured independent source of medical education.

What can be in? Among the most popular materials, provided to the HCPs on demand, are as follows:

  • Recordings of online trainings, conducted by KOLs and MSLs;
  • Webinar recordings;
  • 3D and VR videos;
  • Interactive presentations (or eDetailing);
  • Q&A videos;
  • Research documents, etc.

Having such wide range of materials at hands, doctors will be able to access them at the time of convenience. And if you manage to match their current needs for information, that will definitely increase their loyalty (and number of prescriptions as well).


“To whom it may concern, we launch our awesome X product, which is 30% more effective than Y drug…”

Do you really believe that anyone will read such a message till the end? We neither. Now, everyone can choose the way to be treated by brands. No wonder that no one wants to be the “faceless” target audience.

Personalization. That’s the way for your brand to stand out of the crowd. And emails are a perfect way to demonstrate that, to show that you really care about what physicians want to get.

It’s not that hard to add a couple of lively lines like: “You have told me that you have already tried the most effective therapies to treat your patient X, and they were not effective. As promised, here are some clinical researches, which find out a more efficient drug with even higher level of safety…”

Believe us, that will melt your HCPs hearts. Because thus you’ll prove them that they matter to you the most. Even more than your own products.


Yet, we think that your time is priceless as well, that’s why we suggest you optimize online meetings, virtual library, and email campaigns by automating some of the procedures. If you want to know how to do it – be sure to drop us a line and our multichannel experts will be in touch shortly.