Time to take the digital side in marketing

Today’s businesses, regardless of what they offer – products or services – are facing the new challenging reality. The following questions now arise: how can you increase your customer engagement and retain the existing clients? In what way can you optimize the customer data retrieving in order to maximize the effectiveness of your business activities? It’s not a secret that common marketing methods do not work properly anymore. All the techniques the marketers have employed so far like media advertising, sharing info at exhibitions and so on are insufficient without the further collection and analysis of the data obtained from the customers. However, the conventional data mining is way too awkward – company owners cannot handle the whole bunch of dynamically changing workflow information. You just aren’t able to process all the feedback from all of your departments or customers at the same moment. There is the only way out – gaining your customer data through digital channels and using specialized computer automated systems to accumulate to store and analyze it. Thus, you can always stay tuned with updated and relevant information at hand.

Getting insight into the CRM approach

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a proactive digital-based system, which allows you to collect, keep and synchronize your customer data with ease. As leading experts in digital marketing have put it: “the real potential of digital isn’t just in the creative possibilities, it’s in the data”. By being able to retrieve and process all the necessary information from your customers within one ecosystem, you will get a chance to build up a reasonable marketing strategy, which in turn, can skyrocket the sales of your products or services. Moreover, CRM enables you to minimize the human factor, providing you with more objective and valid results.

Heading towards your customers with CLM

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) is another stage in getting closer to your customers. This approach lets you keep your CRM database at hand, demonstrate interactive promo materials, plan activities, track efficiency of your field forces and receive feedback from the customers. Such a marketing strategy can assist you in analyzing your business progress through time and helps tailor your product or service promotion considering individual customers’ wants and needs.

Two facets – one solution

Therefore, to stay successful in digital marketing one should adhere to the above-mentioned approach – employing the combination of both CRM and CLM capabilities. CRM helps you gather customer data, which is further used for CLM. And vice versa – customer feedback obtained through face-to-face communication with CLM flows into CRM, thus streamlining the future B2C strategy of a company. Moreover, the benefit of such an approach is likely to be mutual – doctors and pharmacists are happy to get involved into digital CLM services, to become real stakeholders in the process. Seeing that you are providing them with engaging relevant information (based on the previous communication), they will definitely demonstrate a higher level of loyalty. Apart from that, the right combination of CLM and CRM will ensure optimization of company workflow and free up time for your salespeople to conduct more meaningful interactions with customers, which will result in increased revenue. To find more information about the set of digital solutions that help to establish personalized communication with each stakeholder, do not hesitate and e-mail us right away.