Have you ever thought about how many people are involved in your content production circuit? Not to mention the amount of time and efforts spent on this never-ending process. In order to settle this whole spectrum of aspects of content creation properly, an approachable CMS platform is a must-have tool. So what CMS platform is better to choose? Before we dive into how to choose content management system, let’s analyze a little bit in-depth the term itself.

A content management system (CMS) is software used to create, manage and optimize content, plus design or user experience at the same time. Such type of software is of great help to non-developers or non-technical website users to track and handle web content, manage website workflows and create webpages easily. Thanks to recent developments in AI technologies that are being used in today’s content management systems, pharma marketers are able to leap beyond traditional marketing approaches and skyrocket user engagement at scale.

In fact, a correctly chosen CMS stands as a single repository for marketing and salesforces collaboration, allowing both teams to effectively communicate and act accordingly in a highly personalized manner. However, if by any chance you made a wrong choice – the consequences can really haunt not only your marketing team, but field forces and IT department, as well (not to mention that no high ROIs should be expected). In this regard, let’s make this choice RIGHT. When it comes to content management platform selection, it’s crucial to identify your marketing goals beforehand. As a result it will be much easier to figure out what platform is better to opt. However, to effectively maintain your content and a solid multichannel strategy the content management system should be up-to date, easy to navigate, relevant and able to support new emerging channels.

Compliance is at the core

So how does a good content management platform actually ease and facilitate compliance in pharma marketing strategy in the long run? If you want to exceed customers’ expectations by catering more to their needs, check out whether you can answer “yes” to all the following questions:

  • Is the content management platform easy in use?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Does your CMS allow template customization?
  • Is the design of your content management system mobile responsive?
  • Does it let you easily incorporate personalization?
  • …and run a successful channel-specific campaign?

Such software solution helps pharma companies to stay on top of the competitive digital realm managing digital content properly. Moreover, it allows each pharma marketer to oversee content by eliminating the need of any external help.

The Wins? There are plenty of them to consider

  • Modern content management systems are user-friendly and mobile-compliant, which allows users (even with no expertise) to create, edit and publish content effortlessly and in a timely manner.
  • Due to cloud-assess, lots of content management platforms are used as a single data storage – pharma marketers are capable of collaboration with remote teams.
  • An authorized pharma marketer can use content in a dynamic way: publish the freshest materials, delete or re-published the outdated or irrelevant ones.
  • You can define clear tasks and responsibilities (like a “ticketing” system that helps your team to act in a highly productive way). If at any point you need to know who published the content or when it was issued, you can easily look through the history over a certain period of time.
  • With websites or landing pages you can easily streamline your search engine optimization efforts (SEO) by adding plugins to meta tags, key-word-based URL or readability score.
  • You’ll be definitely amazed by high speed time-to-market and it’s quite easy to explain why: you are going to save lots of operational costs by leaving the majority of tasks to be managed by the content management system.

content management platform

By the way, what’s going to make the biggest impact?

  • Smart cloud-based AI services to accelerate more efficient searching just in a matter of minutes.
  • VR technologies in design. It comes as no surprise that today’s top content management platforms support a full-degree video.
  • Machine learning and advanced analytics to push highly rated content, track lead scoring, manage social marketing, test different variations of marketing campaigns (A/B testing), etc.
  • Modular approach and “micro” content management systems where you change the modules only to reach a target audience.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality gives an ability to ease any process in content creation that let you build the unique elements above existed templates.

According to Gartner predictions 2021, the vast majority of companies are going to spend more on chatbots than on mobile applications. Chatbots will be used for comprehensive automated content searches that will help to free up workers for meaningful customer engagement.

content management platform

No matter what platform you are using (Drupal, HubSpot, WordPress, etc.) we hope that aforementioned criteria will help you to decide, which one will be right for your pharma marketing strategy and will help to generate more leads. As a result you’ll find an all-in one digital suite with the most perfect structure.

In reality, there is an “army” of content management platforms, but not all of them are pharma-oriented. Here’s the key thing to remember – regardless the selected software, it must completely support your multichannel strategy and provide improved regulatory compliance. For multichannel to stop being just a hot air, check a single repository system – eWizard NaviGate.

Thanks to wise integration with eWizard platform, your brand managers will be able to:

– store, share, alter, and reuse approved content

– make changes if needed

– request localization

– ask for an update

– search content by lots of filters

Give it a try – just contact us to see a demo of how the system works in practice, and make a first step to accelerated marketing campaign lifecycle with high-quality brand experiences across devices and channels.