Viseven Europe OU team has launched unique digital solutions to provide efficient life sciences communication with customers at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2015 – Wizard.JS engine, eWizard eDetailing cloud and Viseven CLM & CRM. The tools supply all the stakeholders with relevant information on medical products, optimize HTML5 content production, enhance multichannel marketing and bridge headquarters and affiliates while adapting eDetailing to local needs.

Brand managers have highly appraised eWizard as the top platform for easy and rapid creation of eDetailing with dynamic KPIs for capturing live feedback. They underlined that its option of quick localization is extremely helpful for adapting and distributing eDetailing across channels.

Pharma executives and major software solutions providers have admitted eWizard.JS to be the ultimate choice for standardized HTML5 presentations production and noted as a plus that interactive content from global master can be seamlessly edited locally and adjusted to current market needs.

Regional managers have found Viseven CLM the most accessible user-friendly tool for increasing SFE and controlling the med representatives’ activities in fields, as well as efficient eDetailing demonstration.

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