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Omnichannel communication strategy: scrutinize your content and get the most out of it

Let’s determine pharmaceutical communication strategy and how does it look like. Each day we are taken over by constant online interactions. Those processes are gradually making companies’ stakeholders to think towards refocusing their communication [...]

Friday, 01 November 2019|

A look from inside eyeforpharma 9th Annual Marketing and Customer Innovation Europe, 2019

Of enough weight in pharma and life sciences world to deserve the status of Reuters event, eyeforpharma is huge. In reality, to get the full value of the gigantic exchange of insights from leading enterprises, one can only be advised to travel and attend the event in person. As part of the pharma digital innovation community, we at Viseven team have taken it as our tradition to cover at least the most breathtaking presentations here – and this year’s event is not an exception. However difficult it has been to decide what to select to fit into this brief overview.

Friday, 25 October 2019|

Digital Pharma East 2019 – takeaways (omnichannel strategist edition)

PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 20 – This year’s Digital Pharma East event encompassed a number of important issues that pharmas face while “digitalizing” themselves. From the ability to use data for providing personalization levels that today’s audiences expect, through the novelties of AI and advanced learning strategies, patient communications, to why “omnichannel” is not just another word for “good old” multichannel – the range of topics was broad enough even for the event’s scale.

Wednesday, 02 October 2019|


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