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Here you’ll find all the latest updates on such trendy topics for pharma and life sciences as: multichannel marketing, connected content creation automation, CLM/CRM, VR/AR, eDetailing and Remote Detailing, etc.

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Pharma brand managers, here’s your secret elixir for efficient interactive visual aids

Not all IVAs are performing equally well. Why is that? These tips and insights represent the experience of numerous people currently in the industry – and it’s here for one purpose: help brand managers understand what to change (and what not to change) in your detail aids.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018|

5 things you will definitely love about the new Veeva CRM Sunrise interface and how they will make reps’ life better

Veeva currently has more than 625 customers, including pharma companies active around the globe. That’s breathtaking. In fact, it’s enough to speak of a whole world of Veeva users – and this world is, [...]

Friday, 10 August 2018|


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