The world has evolved into digital: various communication channels are becoming more available and are rapidly being expanded. The customers’ choices and intents are changed in a blink of an eye; nobody wants to step on a linear customer journey with such a variety of channels that exist nearby. Patients use multiple channels to keep in touch with physicians. The latter, in turn, are trying to respond to them using no lesser number of communication means. Pharmaceutical enterprises need to engage physicians and patients based on an approach that empowers diversity and personalization.

Thanks to multichannel, the pharma industry had an excellent place to start its quest for customer-centricity, but it is not the place where we should stop. Life sciences companies are struggling to manage customers’ journeys most efficiently and organically, avoiding disconnected interactions. We might say that we’ve done with multichannel as it can no longer guarantee a fully personalized and contextual customer experience. Channels cannot just exist separately anymore; conversely, they should be aligned. 

Since HCPs are using various channels to stay engaged with pharma brands, such communication has to be convenient, and the best route to this can be built only through seamless flow from one channel to another. Let’s say, via a mix of pharma websites, triggered email campaigns, educational portals, or online training. Omnichannel is all about delivering a consistent customer experience across multiple channels and touchpoints. We call this true omnichannel engagement and here’s how to make it happen.

omnichannel pharma marketing

Where to start 

How about considering the following model to engage with HCPs:

  1. Mass mailing campaign launch
  2. F2F visit with medrep
  3. Follow-up message with a relevant key message that is fully customized and based on all previous interactions with HCP and account data (gender, age, area, clinical practice, specialty, etc.)

Not a daunting algorithm, right?

However, what’s going on next after the preferred channel and the delivery method is clear and defined? The content, the demand for which is growing, but it’s not just about quantity. 

  • Research by Econsultancy and Adestra reveals that 66% of marketers would like to see an improvement in personalisation, but only around a quarter of them have a content management communication model that is up to the job. 
  • According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, 45% of marketers say their organisations have the right tools in place, but they’re not being used to their full potential.
  • 78% of marketers in pharma drowning in a moderate to an enormous amount of digital content they produce, and very few pharma marketers actually manage to personalize their message.

Pharma marketers need to put their content creation efforts into safe, reliable hands if they want their content management to thrive, produce the required amount of content, and improve the personalization approach. 

Data & Technology 

Forget about creating too much similar content over and over again (or each time from scratch). Reuse, adjustments, and modifications to already existing digital assets become the norm, especially for localization and personalization purposes. Find the right solution that can help reduce time-to-market and manage your existing digital assets to achieve omnichannel excellence. 

omnichannel pharma marketing

Omnichannel solution 

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel, as a shortcut to omnichannel customer engagement already exists, aiming to deliver a consistent experience across channels. eWizard platform grants you limitless opportunities for editing, reusing and creating interactive content for any purposes with automatic publishing to Veeva environment. What does this provide to you? Ready-made digital assets for a pharma brand product that can be quickly reviewed and approved. You’ll be able to easily share and repurpose them as many times as needed. 

The omnichannel approach requires a stable and consistent organizational alignment. The right choice for pharma marketers would be to rely on a unique model of collaboration in which all global affiliates, local teams, and digital agencies are unified, creating a single model of cooperation. 

That would be the perfect step towards excellent omnichannel orchestration. 

Learn more about our expertise at how we empower  in omnichannel content creation with unique solution. Contact our dedicated experts who will help you start your omnichannel pharma marketing journey.