European Medical and Commercial Summit

The last days of November have been marked with an important event for the great part of pharmaceutical marketing community who use Veeva products for leveraging their performance with digital means. The Veeva European Medical and Commercial Summit has proven the largest event of its kind so far, with 875 attendees from various regions at the opening (as was indicated on the impressively sized screen) – and the actual number increasing to almost a thousand, more exactly 997 further on. Veeva systems are truly the irreplaceable part of digital transformation for many of the leading enterprises, including Novartis, Takeda, AstraZeneca, Bayer and numerous other giants in the industry.

Being a Veeva partner who understandably makes the necessary integrations a priority, Viseven Group assisted at the event, represented by our top team. Our involvement, as well as our perspective of the highlights discussed, are here for you to read. If we were to summarize everything in just one sentence, it would be: Veeva is set on opening a whole range of new possibilities – while making the transitions as smooth as possible.

#1. Veeva Vault PromoMats: “shopping” for quality content

Veeva Vault is a trusty and powerful platform for managing digital content; it has made possible a number of success stories about global strategies reuse and creating local tactics – the content is there for the taking. So what’s new? At the moment, Vault is becoming a sprouting infrastructure supported by integrations. First of all, there is now seamless migration of content from MedComms to PromoMats, so that the assets do not have to undergo an additional validation. The very procedure of working with Vault is becoming more flexible, as well: besides the Brand Portal, the possibility has been introduced to enable multi-product presentations for portfolio selling.

European Medical and Commercial Summit

Apart from this, the general statistics for content use are now implemented, as well as several other handy features. For example, you will now be able to make general annotations to video materials and then export them as text when necessary. With the Veeva Snap tool, quality photos of physical documents can be made with a mobile device and transformed into assets.

These features and applications are of great interest; however, the key to Vault is its potential of becoming a sprouting network for storing and sharing content. What this means is effectively many a product manager’s dream: getting the necessary assets as conveniently as if they were “browsing” the shelves in a large store. The principal requirement for this to become reality is simple: integration.

European Medical and Commercial Summit

Accordingly, the organizers specifically dedicated an entire session to integrations and relevant success cases. The content management solution eWizard by Viseven provided the practical basis for demonstration in this case. In its essence, eWizard is meant to leverage content production and reuse, and by making it seamlessly integrated into Veeva Vault, the company is achieving a double benefit. The possibility to create content faster is plugged into the global management system used across levels, livening up the content supply chain.

#2. Apple AR Kit for Veeva CRM

European Medical and Commercial Summit

Many will admit they have waited for this development; the AR tech started out as a fad, and grew to be a powerful tool for medical education right before our eyes. Now this new type of content is given its proper place in Veeva CRM. The platform used is iOS-based Apple AR Kit (more on iOS devices, including iPhones, is to be discussed here yet). At the event, two major spheres of application were outlined:

  • Medical content for HCPs, used for educational purposes, for example, demonstrating the mode of action of a pharmaceutical product;
  • Content for pharmacies – e.g. demonstrating how a potential merchandising layout could look like (shelves, stands, etc.).

The good news here is that no extra investment is needed to enable CRM to recognize this new content type; the possibility is coming as a part of box solution. Capturing feedback on post-call activity is enabled, with the data entered into Veeva CRM.

#3. Extended possibilities with Veeva Approved Email

At the event, the statistics have been revealed that prove how firmly emailing retains its importance. The number of emails sent via the service has been increasing exponentially for the past several years; by the end of 2017, the amount is expected to reach the staggering 3,5 million. This means that whatever new types of content are introduced, email is still the go-to, most frequently checked and convenient channel for doctors.

European Medical and Commercial Summit

Veeva’s response is the logical one: build upon the existing, already efficient service, the Veeva Approved Email, by extending the possibilities and providing more user convenience. An example of this approach is that we will be allowed to send emails from different parts of Veeva systems, including Veeva Engage (invitations to meetings and webinars, follow up emails sent from events).

There are also seemingly “minor” but summarily considerable improvements for better UX, like notifications in the cases when email could not be sent – so that the sender is informed about the end status of each.


This is the end of Part I of our takeaways from the Veeva European Medical & Commercial Summit in Madrid.

UPDATE: Part II is already available, covering even more breathtaking features from the event, including:

  • Revolution in and around Veeva CRM MyInsights;
  • Good news about the new Veeva Sunrise UI;
  • and still more!

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