LONDON, United Kingdom, October 17, 2016 – Viseven Europe joined the biggest international pharma summit – eyeforpharma Multichannel Excellence 2016. This year’s event gathered over 200 attendees and 50 speakers from pharma, services providers, and patients themselves.

The summit keynote theme “Multichannel Excellence” is a growing trend, which reimagines pharma communication by engaging patients and healthcare professionals across all channels and platforms. Personalised multichannel strategies allow pharma companies to create trusted relationships, enhance customer experience, improve sales and marketing efficiency.

Nataliya Andreychuk, CEO at Viseven:

“A handful of factors have fueled the importance of multichannel marketing in the pharmaceutical industry: a steady decline of traditional marketing materials, 70 % of healthcare professionals prefer digital sales aids over paper, a strong demand for meaningful relationships, and a shift in physicians’ preferences on information sources. We have created our eWizard tool to effectively blend digital with traditional interactions, to bridge global and local markets, enabling remote distribution of flexible interactive content – applications, microsites, emails, patient apps”.

Given the importance of this prestigious event, Viseven Europe took the opportunity to present own unique digital solutions to efficient life sciences communication with customers: eWizard, Viseven CLM & CRM and eWizard.JS engine.

Summit attendees have highly appraised eWizard – cloud-based mobile content maker, developed to create, manage, share and approve CLM agnostic cross-platform digital content. The platform ensures 100% content reuse, simplifies collaboration between departments and sharing across local and global markets for localization and adapting. Created as a single workspace for all departments, eWizard provides common access to all digital materials, clear approval process and enables smart analytics.

Key event takeaways:

  1. Drive customer centricity by providing healthcare professionals with meaningful, tailored information, supply them with fresh content more frequently, make it shareable and reusable.
  2. Multichannel is the key. Use additional channels, paired with your CLM system: 1-2-1 email marketing, co-browsing (remote detailing), surveys, portals and webinars.
  3. Meet new type of field force – medical science liaison. MSL – field-based scientific professionals with a high level of specialty-specific knowledge of diseases, own and competitors’ products, who work for a pharma, biotechnology, medical device, or managed care company.
  4. Build a 360-degree view of your customers by creating a single database of all contacts with CRM system, track and measure productivity and materials efficiency in order to optimize all business processes with CLM solutions.
  5. Medical representatives’ visits are still the most significant channel to deliver medical information to healthcare professionals. “Content is the King” strategy, visual improvement (reduced clutter, clearer graphics), quicker setup and better navigation will ensure quality interaction while medical visit.

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