Is it easier to manage 1 team or 20 teams? The answer seems too obvious, indeed. Yet, not always one team (or agency) can provide you with every little thing you need. Especially, when it comes to producing huge amounts of digital marketing assets. Just to count: someone should shape the idea, someone should craft texts, someone should reflect it in design, someone should embody it in code, someone should check for compliance, someone should approve or decline, someone should localize… Over time, it turns into a flat circle, if not downright into nine circles of hell, with a number of recurring actions, required for each update. Needless to say, all those updates not only chew up time but also melt budgets.

Half the trouble, if you handle all those processes in-house. Still, in most cases, companies prefer to address digital agencies for that. Again, not each agency could supply the full bundle of services. Which evolves into another trouble – if you are cooperating with multiple services providers, how to unify all those vendors without spending extra time and money? Let’s check for possible solutions to that Gordian knot, provided by the eWizard platform.

#1. Store all your digital assets in one space

Seems to be quite obvious, yet most pharma companies continue using 3-4 different content management systems, according to Veeva 2015 Life Sciences Commercial Content Management Survey. Definitely, it makes access to all the materials available much more complicated than if they used a single space.

Just to compare – imagine you keep cookware, vegetables, meat and other food in different rooms or your apartment. So, to cook a soup, for example, you need to go to the kitchen, bathroom, corridor, hall etc. Would you like that running between rooms and looking for the product needed? Why not store everything in the kitchen, though at different shelves?

When it comes to digital content, the proper arrangement of all the assets is of no less importance than in the case with the food. If you want to craft a truly astonishing promo materials, you shouldn’t waste time on searching for an image, logo, product package, video or PDF instruction. For this very reason, we took care of organizing all the materials in a single space – eWizard Store, for you to easily access any approved global presentation and reuse it.

Besides, thanks to the pre-built integration of eWizard with Veeva PromoMats and a number of DAM systems, like Box, Dropbox, Widen, all you need to find a necessary presentation, app, pic or whatever – just choose the necessary storage and add the asset you need.

Thus, anyone who has an eWizard account – be that brand manager from the other country, or creative agency, can quickly grab the necessary global template or media and proceed with either editing the ready-made presentation, or creating a new one from scratch on the basis of the approved digital content.

#2. Easily translate and adapt the materials to any local market

The other important point to speed up product launch and digital materials creation for affiliates is fast localization. In general, the process slows down because of too many steps on the way to the ready-to-use localized content. To reduce the time, we have thought of several options for localizing HTML5 presentations with eWizard help:

  • Localize texts online – create a copy of the presentation for localization and enter the translation on the right. Also, you can edit all the texts directly on the slides, as well as replace images and make any other required changes.

Example of online localization table in eWizard.

  • Localize the presentation texts offline in a few clicks. To do that, you just need to hit the “Export” button, and all the texts will be downloaded to your laptop in the Excel file. After performing the translation, you should import the ready localization back by pressing the corresponding button, and the texts will be replaced with the translation automatically.
  • Send presentation for localization to the translation agency or independent translator. If you need to outsource the localization, you can create a link to the presentation with the expiry date (which may be the deadline) and send it directly to the translator’s email. In case the information in the presentation is strictly confidential, you can also protect the link with a password.

No matter, which way you choose – in any case, you will get your presentation localized 4 times faster than usual. Sounds quite impressive, doesn’t it?

#3. Convert static digital assets into eDetailing

We won’t ask how much time it usually takes to transform PDF/PPT file into an interactive presentation. We have first-hand knowledge of it. Here’s why we have decided to automate it and save the precious time (read: time and budgets). Recently, we have introduced a breakthrough functionality to eWizard platform – Converter of PDF, PowerPoint, InDesign files to CLM-ready format.

The icing on the cake is that after uploading those files to eWizard, you get a completely editable presentation with dynamic structure and navigation in a matter of minutes. The whole process doesn’t require any additional manual operations – you may go and have some coffee while eWizard will bring your static files to life.

#4. Cut down production time with the predesigned templates

Definitely, using ready-made bricks will help you build the wall faster than making them from scratch. So, we have analyzed industry best practices, as well as our customers’ requests and designed a number of templated slides and elements to simplify and accelerate the presentation creation.

Due to that, you can easily fill each slide with content – sliders, graphs, charts, quizzes, images and many other interactive goodies. Each of such elements can be easily adjusted – starting with color, position on the slide, size and ending up with monitoring, animation effects or navigation links.

Also, if you need some specific element (for example, calculator, table etc.), we may add develop it for you upon request.

#5. Full integration with Veeva products suite and QuintilesIMS

Quite often, a stumbling block in the content lifecycle is the necessity to adapt the ready eDetailing to different CLM/CRM systems and devices. The trap here is that each time some major changes to the presentation code are required. Sometimes they even can affect the whole presentation structure, and then the need for additional testing or reprograming arises. As a result, it consumes more resources and slows time to market.

To avoid those pitfalls, we have integrated eWizard with Veeva and QuintilesIMS, as the most popular CLM-systems. Such kind of integration allows exporting eDetailing into necessary CLM-format without extra coding – just in a couple of clicks.

Except that, you can also publish the presentation directly into Veeva Vault for medical or legal approval and even download it in CoBrowse or Engage-compatible format for further usage in remote communication.

Finally, if you need to launch a mailing campaign, you can also do it in eWizard and create an email template, ready-to-use in Veeva Approved Email or QuintilesIMS Compliant Field Email.

#6. Set up dynamic KPIs to track customer insights

With the data being more and more crucial for understanding customer needs, we suggest you in-built monitoring module to track content-based interactions during eDetailing demonstration. The basic monitoring is applied automatically and helps you to capture data like what slides have been viewed, how many time has been spent on each slide or in each chapter, what is the reaction to the slide (like or dislike).

If to talk about advanced monitoring, all those interactive elements like sliders, charts and so on help you to get deeper customer insights. For example, they can be as follows:

  • Capturing data from questionnaires, you can understand doctor’s loyalty to your product, discover the potential of prescriptions, define whether your product is considered a therapy of choice, compare the number of prescriptions with the competitors etc.;
  • Using sliders, you can get any numerical information you need to know – for example, how many patients doctor sees per week, how many of them have the X disease etc.;
  • Getting information from patient profiles selection, namely what type of therapy doctor chooses to treat a patient with some specific complaints.

eWizard platform

After synchronizing data with your CRM system, you will see all the insights properly organized and visualized in charts. That will allow you to get a complete picture of what your customers want to hear and see.

#7. Optimize and make review and approval processes transparent

Usually, the review and approval stages become the final stumbling block before presentation launch in fields or other communication channels. The worst thing is that it may delay eDetailing usage for a couple of weeks. And, quite often, some remarks can be lost in process of discussion, which only prolongs the process.

Keeping that in mind, we have implemented approval module into eWizard platform. From now on, you can send a presentation for review to any accountable person. In his turn, this person can review presentation in an interactive mode and leave comments right on the necessary element of the slide. Instead of writing lengthy emails with required changes listing, which look like “Change the color of the X button in the upper right corner on the slide 23”.

As soon as the reviewer finished with the comments, the presentation owner gets an email notification and can proceed to editing. If the approver has no more edits, he just presses “Approve” and you may get your presentation live instantly.

So, you want to say, I won’t have troubles with digital content production anymore?

No, we don’t. For a simple reason – we shouldn’t exclude human factor from the process. Yet, if you rely solely on eWizard – you really won’t. As you can see, we have taken care of each little thing in digital content production line, to make it simpler and faster, likewise to improve collaboration between both internal teams and external agencies.

To get more details about additional opportunities eWizard grants, be sure to send us an email. Our digital content production experts will gladly showcase you how it works. Also, you may book a face-to-face meeting with our team at 7th Annual eyeforpharma Marketing & Customer Innovation Summit in London, on November 2-3d.