How to manage all your pharma marketing assets in intuitive DAM with eWizard

Here’s a substantial-sum-dollar question: what makes a good content repository? This is quite obvious: perfect arrangement, clear search, unbreachable security. Now here’s another question: what makes a great content repository? Well, you know one when you see one. To put it shortly, all of the abovementioned plus seamless user experience sprinkled with alignment with business particularities. And here’s one great content repository for pharma  – eWizard NaviGate.

We at Viseven have used all our knowledge about pharma industry accumulated over the years of working with our customers of both global and local scale, and turned our content repository from good to great. eWizard NaviGate incorporates digital asset management, business processes and multichannel mindset behind all marketing endeavors. Let us show you what we’re talking about here.

The concept behind every brand manager’s dream

So, what does it mean to navigate a content repository tailored to your content strategy flow? To put it simple terms, it means that your marketing team has no problem delivering a wholesome brand experience to their audiences.
All this will immerse your audience in the brand experience just how you meant it to be like. No more fractured bits of brand experience here and there. Just the multichannel marketing strategy at its best. Schematically it looks the following way

Here’s a little vocab we’re going to build upon:
Brand – a brand entering the market
Channels – types of content
images, documents, surveys, microsites, email templates, eDetailers
Content Pack – content for a brand with an expiry date
Portfolio – a sum of related Content Packs

You can see these as tabs, and they are all interconnected.

The concept goes like this: your Brand manager has the role of Creator managing all available content and its relevance. The Creator has a marketing campaign coming up, Jan 1 – Jul 1. She/He goes over to a Brand that is going to be marketed, adds Content in a variety of Channels and sets an Expiry Date, thus forming a Content Pack. This way, a Content Pack serves as an umbrella term for solidified marketing campaign materials, and it’s making sure Brand Manager and everyone who’s working for this particular campaign can see and manage all the emails, logos, eDetailers, surveys and landing pages for this Brand. The moment the marketing campaign starts, all available content is grouped in one place to support it. And the moment it ends, the content can be either archived, reused or deleted.  The manager can also unite a couple of marketing campaigns (if, let’s say they have the same Expiry Date) under one Portfolio.

This flow has proven to be the easiest way to launch a new brand or give a fresh start in digital marketing to an old one with minimum logistical issues. Tuned with core business processes of pharma marketing, eWizard NaviGate is ironing out the difficulties of campaign lifecycle. In such a way, management logistics of multiple campaigns becomes as easy as it can get via a simple, modern UX. And what you receive is total control over brand experiences and acceleration of time-to-market for new campaigns. Win-win-win!

Sustainable content creation –

All this content there is not just to be stored. Unlike libraries that simply archive and keep stuff from being lost or stolen, a great repository system will actually empower you to make your content better, not stand in your way once you’ve published it. A wise integration with a flexible Content Management Platform eWizard and you are able to implement minor and major changes to the campaign at any moment.

It’s easy to make changes when it’s just an image or a document, right, but what about eDetailing? Do we really have to come back to emailing it back and forth to an agency to just change a couple of slides? No. The users of eWizard NaviGate really appreciate that Copy to my eWizard button that enables smooth transitions for the tiniest tweaks. The system will be keeping track of the versions, permissions, roles and approvals – everything under control. This is as scalable as it gets: a single, shared repository helps you collaborate effectively among different teams and agencies, from design to (re)publishing, all while keeping the versions intact, which means no havoc and absolute consistency.
Using eWizard NaviGate means that your Brand Manager can finally do the best part of their job – creative. And really, what else is left to do if all the technicalities are eliminated?

– share, alter and reuse with no fear

  1. My List bookmark – use it for content you need to keep an eye for. Maybe it’s some one-size-fits-all content, an important document or just an awesome-looking email template that you’d like to reuse.  Speaking of reuse, reusability goes beyond that and implies using easily adaptable global templates (that one-size-fits-all content) and reusable components for new pages. You might want to keep that on your list as well.
  2. The most popular way of reusing content is localization. But it’s only so popular because it’s easy in eWizard NaviGate – no more emailing, no more TMS, just click on Request Localization and fill out a localization form. Why waste a well-composed email template if you can just localize it?
  3. Oh and if you’ve stumbled upon something that’s outdated but still useful? Just click Ask for an update, it will be taken care of. You be sure of brand consistency across all digital content, since our system won’t let anything through if it’s not properly tagged and approved.
  4. Search is an option often taken for granted in other repositories, but this is the very foundation. Our metatagging is taking search to whole another level. An (at first sight) overwhelming amount of filters makes sure that every tiny bit of content doesn’t get lost, be it a simple logo, an email template or a whole eDetailer. Clear metatagging will make searching a matter of a couple clicks, if you know what you’re looking for. All content that gets into the system, gets tagged the best way to be found, then sorted and grouped.
brand experience

This is how NaviGate accelerates and simplifies marketing campaign lifecycle, from content creation and rich media management to multichannel publication and capture engagement with high-quality brand experiences across devices and channels.

  • Well-founded planning at any stage of product launch
  • Absolute control over the relevance of assets
  • Smooth transition to editing and collaboration on content creation
  • Adherence with brand requirements
  • Holistic look and leveraging marketing campaigns
  • Encouraging reuse instead of recreating
  • Strict alignment with business processes and approval
  • Gatekeeper metatagging
  • Gorgeous UI and friendly UX

Well, that’s pretty much it. The humble repository system that can deliver the ultimate brand experience to your audience. No but really, thanks to the immersive experience that NaviGate makes possible, multichannel will stop being an phony promise for you and your customers. It is with tailored technology where the promise of digital pharma marketing comes true. So if you’re on the lookout for a great repository system, contact us to see a demo of this true gem.

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