eDetailing/eDetailers/iDetailing, Interactive Visual Aids/IVAs or simply CLM presentations – this emblematic kind of pharma content can come across in so many different namings, but the point is – you have the task to launch this channel and a deadline of a month to keep you going. It doesn’t matter whether you’re still showing your HCPs static presentations or just decided to give a fresh start to the channel as a whole – heck, even if you still haven’t used this type of content at all – you need to complete the strategizing, the content creation, testing in the fields, getting feedback and improving within 30-ish days. Great news for you – we are content marketing experts and we’re here to help. Let’s get to it!

Start planning by answering bottom-line questions

So for the last 5 years, pharma reps with their gleaming tablets have become an integral part, if not the epicenter, of every pharma marketing strategy, especially concerning multichannel engagement. So naturally, you do not need to be convinced in specific nature of eDetailing channel; you know far too well, why eDetailing is unlike all the other types of pharma content.
It can be considered The Content, content by default, in relations between pharma and audience of physicians. So if the whole thing was just about creating an animated presentation, you’d hire an agency to do that for you and put it out of your head. But this can not be a case if the physician engagement is at stake. That’s how we are arriving to a natural conclusion that if you break it up to the core, essentially, planning eDetailing launch can be boiled down to answering the right set of questions. Let’s go through a little questionnaire to see what your eDetailing launch might look like:

Why do you need eDetailing?

Sort out your priorities. To get the best use of your consecutive launch, you have to understand the reasons behind the need for this channel. Is it to attract new audiences? Get a new start with the old ones? Empower your reps with new tech? Or nurture awareness of a new medicine? Figure out the priority reasons and work from there. You need to understand we’re not here for animation and wow-effect itself – your reps are not entertainers, after all. We’re here for authentic engagement, dialogue and mutual benefit. It’s not about the data itself, it’s about how it’s communicated and interacted with. That’s why next question is:

Who is it designed for?

Now, let’s talk about your audience. This question is much eaier to answer if you already have a CRM base at hand. Define potential segmentation variables with the data from your CRM, in other words, break down your audience in sectors, pick the one you know the most and figure out how can your eDetailing enhance and improve your relationships with it.

Who is your audience?

Any CRM inputs that can help you to figure out who you're interacting with:

Channel preferences
Frequency of pharma products prescriptions
Practice setting and size, intensity of patient flow
Previous pharma reps visits

What kind of eDetailing it wants

Core factors which influence physicians' content preferences are:

Physician speciality and therapeutic area
Availability of relatable patient profiles
Previous encounters and familiarity with your brand
Time available: format of the call (face-to-face, remote, self-detailing)
Channel preferences

The reason we are talking about the audiences preferences here rather than eDetailing itself is because the times when the new drug is out and everyone can’t wait to ask pharma about it is gone. There is plenty of ways physicians can find out about pharma products, and decide which ones suit best for their patients. No place for push, only for pull. It’s about knowing when, where and to whom to present and what would be the best way to do this, aka

In which format will it be demonstrated?

Your eDetailing has to fit physician’s schedule perfectly. A simple and elegant way to pencil in – adaptability. Design your eDetailing with an intention that it has to be adaptable to any type of device. In this way it has chances to be displayed in more than one setting:

  • eDetailing as a part of a face-to-face call with a rep (tablet)

and unless your reps are not too comfortable with spending the whole day commuting to HCPs that might not even find time to see them, then here’s more options:

  • eDetailing remotely with a rep (laptop, mobile)
  • eDetailing without a rep (self-detailing, laptop)

This way, the only challenge you have left with is not to forget to mix and balance face-to-face and remote interactions with eDetailing along the product’s lifecycle. Here’s how it’s done.

Tip: don’t give your eDetailing butterfly-long lifespan – create sustainably. You can start with little steps: maybe you already have a presentation to work on? In PDF or InDesign format? This is your lottery ticket to HTML5! Here’s how to create eDetailing from that PDF file you have.

Only after doing research on those subjects, you can start making classic managerial decisions: Who will be responsible for what? What are their success metrics? To what degree will you involve field force in decision-making etc.

Answering those WH- questions will give you a direction of what kind of eDetailing you and your audience need. Now you can move on to the packing.
What would lay a  good foundation for a well-done eDetailing launch? Well, good planning gets only half of the job done right. The other half belongs to the flexible tactics and adjustments after the planning stage has been completed, in our case, content attribtutes. Let’s start with


Elements in eDetailing are called “interactive” for a simple reason – they encourage interaction, not wow-effect per se (again, your reps are not entertainers). That’s why by adding interactivity to the existing slides (tap, swipe, drag&drop, etc.) instead of just pushing the information will involve physicians into a dialogue, not scripted rep’s monologue. Make sure that the numerous interactive elements and complex navigation are there not just to show off. Join them to key marketing messages, make those core slides compulsory and attach analysis capacities to them. As the presentation unfolds, the data received from the doctor needs to be captured by the CLM system that the company uses.

What constitutes great feedback analytics and KPI metrics? It’s the ones that allow you to see whether your eDetailing is:

  1. Substantial: enough of interactive elements and info
  2. Adaptive: good functioning no matter the device
  3. Structured: thought-through display of all components
  4. Flexible: quick navigation

Things that can potentially drain your eDetailing budget:

Lack of strategic vision, which is manifested as:

Creating eDetailing from scratch every time
Creating eDetailing from elements that are either not reusable or inaccessible from other affiliates
Creating eDetailing from elements that are not editable without assisstance of a specialist

Structure and navigation

eDetailing content has to be rep’s best friend, their ally and silent assistant. This is manifested through information being accessible at any second and content that allows your reps to stop sticking to their script. And what about consistency? This doesn’t mean creating an eDetailing for a 100+ slides. The solution is good navigation, active buttons and flexibility. Your reps have to have a good sense of direction in eDetailing and use a story board – seriously, tell a story. Use patient personas, show that you know what the doctor’s struggle is about and make sure your reps know how to tell that story too.

Used in isolation. NOT.

Probably the biggest tip we can give you: when launching eDetailing, keep the big picture in your mind. Figure out how the eDetailing you’ve created can be connected with rep triggered emails filled with content relatable to the meeting (physicians loooove email channel). Just picture the situation – the call started out well, but it’s been interrupted and now your rep has to leave the doctor’s office emptyhanded. What’s the best result of that meeting? Your rep makes a couple of taps and voila – the doctor receives an email with a) invitation to a KOL webinar, b) link to an HCP—pharma portal, c) invitation for remote detailing, d) video from eDetailing. Your rep has a scope of actions to keep the interaction going as well as to monitor performance and calculate marketing return on investment.

Speaking of monitoring…

What is the best way to integrate valuable physician feedback and information gleaned from each marketing channel? How to figure out whether eDetailing fits with the promotional objectives set for this drug? Analytics. Send us a request and we’ll get right back to you with the continuation of this plan: how to test the eDetailing in field and how to use received feedback. You can also explore our checklist for a just-what-doctor-ordered eDetailing (literally!) – just click on the pic below. You can hop onto the HTML5 bandwagon with no haste!

eDetailing checklst