LONDON, May 16, 2017 – “Will the technology replace med reps?” – remember this hot discussion lasting for the last couple of years? Reps themselves are afraid to lose job, sales directors are looking for the ways to optimize reps’ efficiency, and marketers look for costs reduction on promo materials… Meanwhile, all HCPs want is timely and relevant information. That’s why proper channel mix of face-to-face and remote interactions became the primary focus of Pharma Commercial and Sales Conference in London.

Is remote detailing the new black?

To make it clear, by remote detailing we don’t mean to deny face-to-face calls. Online meetings are going to serve as a logical continuation of the personal visit to doctor or pharmacist. Thus, remote interactions can facilitate and extend in-person communication. Here are just some of the obvious benefits:

  • The doctor can opt for the most suitable time of a meeting, independently of the location. That means he can join it even being at home, with the much more relaxing atmosphere. What is more, he can easily reschedule the call, if the plans change.
  • The representative gets higher chance to demonstrate the product to the best advantage, as there’s no more time pressure. As a plus, he feels more confident on the meeting, as he can involve MSL (medical science liaison) into the call if any specific questions or issues arise.
  • The HCP gets instant access to a number of educational materials – clinical trials, webinar recordings, treatment schemes, videos, product presentations etc.

remote detailing

How to embed remote into existing channel mix?

Before integrating remote communication into your marketing strategy, you should be deadly sure that your med reps are not just salespeople. First and foremost, med reps should be customer experts – dedicated, purposeful and productive. Only in that case, they can become the connecting point of all channels. So, do you have such a team? Congrats, then you can proceed to the following steps we have analyzed and compiled for you:

STAGE 1: Generate traffic and leads via multiple channels – after either face-to-face meeting with a med rep, or using a ready-made prebuilt scenario in Viseven. The latter includes mailing campaigns, social networks, contextual ads, websites, professional communities, and events etc.

STAGE 2: Engage with customers on the web portal, suggesting them the materials of their interest – case studies, videos, webinar recordings, researches, interactive presentations etc.

STAGE 3: Once the customers are acquainted with the available content, they can sign up for a remote detailing session – and even choose MSL they want to interact with. In the course of completing those remote sessions, an HCP gets access to more and more relevant materials in the virtual library – those may be patient cases, virtual roundtable discussions, virtual congresses etc.

STAGE 4: Finally, you can track both HCPs’ engagement and platform efficiency, view recordings of the remote sessions, check users’ characteristics, monitor email campaigns data, and see the results of the questionnaires.

HCPs’ engagement and platform efficiency

Online communication & education is great, but mind gaps

Well, you’ll say, if everything’s that great, why doesn’t everybody use it? Obviously, the human factor is in place. Some physicians are not that digital-savvy to start using technology without objections. Some still prefer face-to-face contact. So, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and you shouldn’t forget about personalization importance. Anyway, the practice proves that in the short course of time med reps report a higher level of HCPs engagement.

So why not to start right away and shorten that time even more? Drop us a line to see the remote detailing in action and request your PDF copy on remote interactions.