Previously, everybody was competing on being aware of digital trends. Currently, everybody is competing in best digital practices implementation. Over 2017, we had a chance to witness a technology boom in the healthcare sector: blockchain, artificial intelligence, VR/AR

technology boom in the healthcare sector

Pharma seems to be quite serious about digital revolution, and it cannot go unnoticed. Any fundamental shift is likely to incur organizational, as well as the mindset and skillset change. Choosing the digital path, pharma companies should realize it not only optimizes processes or contributes to improved communication with HCPs and patients. They have to take into account the impact of technology on the internal interactions.

Especially (if not to say primarily), when it goes about marketing initiatives. Why? Let’s imagine a usual working day of a pharma marketer:

9:15 a.m. Well, maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee just to delay coming back to localization?

9:30 a.m. Okay, it can’t wait anymore.

(Looks through numerous slides of digital visual aids. Writes down: “Change images – we need Nordic people instead of Spanish. Replace the research with a relevant one. Extract texts for translation to Finnish…”)

1:45 p.m. Wish I’d rather had my lunch.

5:59 p.m. Oh no, I’m not over yet.

The more digital communication channels – the more headache with localization

Sure, it’s a bit exaggerated example, but quite true to life. When the global digital assets go to affiliates, mostly it takes quite long to adopt them. Actually, localization is that tough for a number of reasons:

  1. The technology used by global and local vendors usually differs. Mostly, it results in recoding the ready-made materials in case of even minor changes. Especially, when it goes about applying and testing languages that use right to left scripts. Again, here comes setting up digital content for usage in diverse CLM/CRM systems (namely, country-specific monitoring).
  2. Need to communicate with multiple agencies and managers via email or project management systems, and switch between tools to coordinate their work.
  3. Review of the updated digital assets requires additional time. What’s more, as a rule, the new round of comments and corrections comes after review.
  4. The necessity to address technical specialist to load materials’ *.zip files for final validation in Veeva Vault PromoMats.
  5. Additional time to share the approved digital aids with field forces, as well as for training them on how to better use the content for maximizing communication efficiency.

keeping in touch with people

How to smoothly embed digital into your marketing strategy then?

If you are tired of all the above mentioned, then we have good news for you. With the eWizard platform, you can concentrate on building value communication with your customers, rather than on the technical and organizational side of digital strategy implementation. Here’s just a short list of benefits eWizard grants for digital marketing materials reuse:

  • Access global assets from a single content hub at any time for further adaptation to local needs;
  • Address certified agencies for materials localization, which will be done according to the specified efficiency benchmarks;
  • Handle all stages of content adaptation on one platform, be that communication with agency or colleagues from the headquarters on digital assets updates, deliveries for review, pre-MLR approval, content preview, commenting etc.;
  • Mapping cross-channel interactions and exporting the ready-made materials to the necessary system in one click;
  • Easily check and adapt KPI schemes, with no need to approach the development team;
  • Automatic publish of digital content to Veeva Vault PromoMats for final approval;
  • Analyze content-based interactions and materials efficacy directly in your CRM system;
  • Update digital assets according to the feedback received in a matter of minutes.

Thus, with the eWizard platform, you can forget the nightmare of lengthy global digital materials localization. As a result, your budgets will never exceed the limits and you will be able to finally shorten time-to-market, which will help to increase sales. Want more information on how to switch eWizard into your ecosystem? Contact our digital excellence managers right away to see the platform in action.