What is that foundation upon which the story of your brand begins? Let’s say, pharma brand manager, armed with an interactive presentation of the newest product comes into physician’s cabinet confidently anticipating successful deal and high performance regarding promoted drugs, but….. here is the thing. Do pharmareps always achieve desired targets; do their expectations always equal to the real outcomes at the very end? Statistics have shown that doctors are restricting access to pharmareps due to multiple reasons. For instance, oncologists restrict access in 65% of cases, while cardiologists in 58%. Too often reps can’t even enter physician’s office, not to mention being welcomed in the warmest terms. This is set against new generation of HCPs seeking external marketing help, and the Internet-savvy cardiologists aren’t an exception.

Accordingly, physicians handling tablets in meetings are “more likely to spend more time with the pharmarep to research further information online, to request samples, and to prescribe the drug discussed.”

Clarifying change&value paradigms

While building company’s brand, pharmareps are the ones through whom the value might emerged. When pharmarep is knocking on HCP’s door, what’s the most important thing for them to keep in mind while demonstrating a product? Taking into account deep understanding of cardiologists’ information needs, the subject should definitely not be something apparently new in the market. Being aware of their level of commitment and responsibility for patients’ health and even lives at times, there’re two main aspects doctors pay attention to in the first place – change and value. Everything is pretty clear with the 2nd one, right? Value drives loyalty – loyalty drives firm relationships. Beyond doubt, any product, any service and any fact should be supported by valuable proof of its quality and safety. What about change? Too often, change is accompanied by risk. It comes as no surprise that cardiologists are not the ones who are willing to take risks, no matter in what unique and proficient manner your product is going to be presented. Simply put, each marketing brand strategy should be based on practice-induced medical data. With that in mind, start to thoughtfully unite channels, time and methods.

“At the same time, old attitudes about practice marketing have rapidly dissolved. “Old school” stalwarts could not suppress the tide of the new physicians who understood that they must market or become an afterthought”.

In today’s dynamic pharmaceutical world, how to tell your brand story in a truly memorable way? How to make your brand recognizable among a wide array of others while adhering to those fundamental values? Current generation of cardiologists totally understands that in order to achieve their peak performance they must be in sync with digital innovations (whether these are remote calls, webinars, visual aids, online events, web conferences etc.). Such a comprehensive approach makes them work productively, come to decisions faster and respond to changes flexibly. This is what omnichannel marketing and automation solutions are devoted to.

Younger physicians have entered a business world that is more competitive than their baby boomer predecessors”.

Before launching your multichannel campaign, consider several key points your strategy must incorporate. Suppose your targets are:

  • Reach 16,500+ cardiologists with remote visits
  • Link offline and online activities
  • Increase the number of prescriptions
  • Make the brand more familiar
  • Expand remote meetings with cardiologists without significant increase of staff

Segment your audience beforehand:

  • By behavioral responses and peculiarities
  • By the level of interest to your product
  • By preferred communications channels
  • By the growth of drugs prescription level

Keep going…and greet the following model:

  • Data gathering
  • Profiling the doctors (panoramic view)
  • Advanced and predictable analytics and dashboards
  • Automation
  • Personalization
  • Creating content for all channels (interactive aids, email templates, microsites, surveys, etc.)

Result? Profitable growth – > quality production&service delivery – > increased market share within existing database – > desirable brand recognition. Evidently, such multichannel helpers are a stepping stone to anticipated success.


With an aim to do so in above-mentioned order, you need to be equipped with a powerful, user-friendly CRM system that enables automation on each step. Having a proper CRM is the right way to encourage and maintain customer loyalty. Is there a better way to get to know what were the weaknesses and strengths of your previous strategy? Or which external factors made an impact on the attitude to your product? Whether your marketing budget is transparent and how much additional costs were spent? These are the questions lying just on the surface of the well-synchronized CRM system. With tools like KPI monitoring, analytical reports and dashboards pharma brand managers can significantly lift up their brand storytelling. These are your new endless superpowers to enable analytics automation.

To sustain value-based relationships with your audience Viseven remote detailer is a unique solution with a wide set of supplements to display interactive content with the ability to effortlessly plug into your CRM system. Cardiologists will be able to interact with pharma representatives via solid VoIP and presentation interface, which enable fast communication from any mobile device or desktop at any convenient time. Remote detailer allows interactions for remote meetings via a secure platform while offering manageable content distribution.

When it comes to building brand awareness its ultimate mission shouldn’t be just surviving or “being afloat”, but much more – flourishing and prospering. Having technologies around to help is essential, but everything starts from content, anyway. Our products and services might optimize and enhance pharma – doctors’ relationships through tailoring innovative software with valuable cost-efficient data. It’s up to hands to make the brand authentic. So give it a try right away – contact our team of professionals. It’s a lot more rewarding to be on a winning side of digital marketing!