We are happy to announce that Viseven CLM 3.2 has already arrived and is available in the AppStore! To start with the best: the real-time reporting now is so detailed that you will not miss any little thing about your performance and progress. The application receives the dashboards from your CRM system and visually reflects the productiveness of all the activities, as well as the materials usage and efficiency.

Moreover, the updated database segmentation in Viseven CLM provides your med reps with materials only on products, which are related to them – they just have to choose the necessary presentation out of those that belong to their subdivision.

Planning and implementing your marketing strategy is no more a linear process in our application – you do not need to wait until one of your marketing cycles will successfully end. From now on, you can schedule several marketing cycles and run them simultaneously with all the functionality at hand.

Check out the increased productivity with iOS 9.0 support – see how the full list of enhancements helps to do even more with fewer efforts due to new multitasking functionality.

Considering CRM improvements, we have expanded its opportunities with advanced analytics that help to visualize data with the help of different graphs and charts to easier understand and process it. The next one is that now you can upload information about sales, which you receive from the distributors and access it at the time of need from a single space. Besides, we have excluded double data entry into CRM – the system defines duplicates on its own and notifies you about that. One of the greatest enhancements in this version release is about filtering: CRM automatically saves the filter parameters you enter while search for some kind of information. Later on, you can just apply it to find the same pieces of data. What is more, a medical representative can send the report with his activities after choosing the filter and his manager will receive a link to the detailed report.

To start trying all the new features of Viseven CLM – download it from AppStore. If you want us to provide you with more information about our CLM or CRM solution – contact us right away.