HTML5 format provides web development enthusiasts with opportunities for improvement they have only been dreaming about, even if to consider the situation of only a couple of years ago. We will spare you the list of the advantages that the interactivity of HTML5 format offers for companies and organizations, who rely on good visual storytelling and resultative engagement in their eDetailing. Instead, we are going to talk about the convenience of the HTML libraries – a package of features and templates every professional or professional-to-be web developer should learn how to navigate his/her way through.

Know your juniors

Here’s the thing: having a collection of tried and tested set of HTML libraries or frameworks would empower even the newest programmer to create web experiences, which used to seem quite sophisticated and time-consuming to make (if not completely unfeasible) in the recent past. Even the newest. This hits home in a special way for creative agencies that deal with HTML5 eDetailing, since not many of them can either afford, need for all creative projects or simply find that perfect, know-it-all, flexible, fully developed ingenious programmer. Does this mean agencies should be professionally frustrated, outsource such tasks and consider themselves incompetent and underskilled whenever it would be time to deal with the raw code? How about a concept that an agency can develop eDetailing with only a couple of home-bred junior devs at hand – in-house, always available, ensuring improvement and viability? When headhunting for your junior programmers, do not hesitate to inquire about libraries’ templates usage skills, and immediately enroll those guys into work if they confirm.

Library is devs’ best friend

Moreover, your sought-after universal web programmer knows how to get their job done well and fast, even with the freshly acquired set of skills. He/she doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel by writing code from scratch, because, well – (unlike speed and deadlines) – that’s not their priority. To make their learning curve easier, lazy (read: best) aspiring developers use tools – libraries and frameworks full of pre-designed elements and templates. Those are not some high-tech gimmickry, which tend to complicate everything, those are just tools to automate coding process and keep the code consistent across the teams.

Libraries are not just some handholding, they are not that strange-looking gadget in your kitchen that anyone has ever known how to use properly. Libraries are the full-fledged result of a lot of hard work from other people that happen not only to love HTML5, but know it inside out; most probably, much better than your juniors do. Do you ever see a web programmer specifically coding their own OS, just so it’s completely theirs and unique? No, they already have a ready framework for that and so do your junior developers. Do not be shy to use libraries’ capabilities as the fruits of the experts’ work, like our ready-to-use elements within the eWizard platform, bring that full advantage to your programming cooking process.

Grow together with your coders

Now, how do you connect your freshmen developers to the customers with minimum fuss and micromanaging from the agency’s side? You let them access and use content approved by the customer. Our idea is using a common content platform with ratings and ability to review and comment in a single workspace. That idea is conveniently embodied as our eWizard platform, structured by eWizard.JS Framework – a single standard of HTML5 eDetailling presentations creation. The cooperation platform unifies both developers and digital content teams, so they can create content in a single environment, notwithstanding the approaches to content development they decide to take. Decision to unite agency & pharma company affiliates under one portal with standardized digital assets to share, repurpose and automate development has eliminated many of the issues that content creation teams are facing.

Be it through the eyes of the content consumer for managers, which doesn’t require any programming skills, or through the code scrutinising glance of programmers, seeing a presentation as blocks of code to build together. Such kind of workflow also ensures that all the content produced can be reused, changed or repurposed on demand, avoiding additional expenses from neither the customers’ nor agency’s side.

To sum up

In order to build responsive web apps or eDetailing presentations, both newbies and hardcore developers’ teams have a wide range of tools to use. A library is one of the more efficient and learner-friendly tools for building fast, reusable elements, which then agencies can implant in their creative projects. They are usually lightweight for beginners and allow developers to build super-fast and reusable, great looking library components. We happen to be experts in those, so do not hesitate to contact our team for more info.