Here and there, everybody in pharma is talking about the importance of key account managers. Some call them the key drivers of commercial success, the others have high hopes for them considering sales boost and so on. At the same time, just a few talk about inability to use their full power. Why is that happening this way? What is going wrong? And if we put trust in them so much, why don’t we do the utmost to empower them?

One should not forget that each KAM could reach excellence in closing deals and entering agreements only if properly equipped. Moreover, they are plain people, not Shivas, and sometimes simply cannot cope with all the numerous everyday tasks, as well as properly keep track of all the data received from customers. The reason for that is quite obvious – they have to spend too much time on paper work. Mostly, key account managers waste their work time on documenting, calculating and looking for compliance violations. Doing that, they turn into some kind of the machine – something like alive pharmaceutical sales calculator. They spend time on the routine operations and activities (which, by the way, can be easily streamlined), instead of establishing true relations with each customer. In this case, you receive dry incomplete statistical data, which prevails over quality business development.

In fact, they waste the time that could be spent on establishment and maintenance of the long-term relations with the key accounts. The time that could be spent on improving sales opportunities within those accounts. Priceless time of your success, which is pushed away to the horizon.

So, how to find the optimal way out of this situation? Maybe fire the “lazy” and slow KAM and hire several ones instead him? Or force the KAM to work overtime without weekends and vacations? Sure, no. All you need to do is to empower them with proper digital tools, for example pharmaceutical KAM tools, which will facilitate their routine job.

You may say that is too easy and even obvious, but why, then, are just a few companies using those pharmaceutical sales calculators, which simplify KAM’s work and release time for them to pay more attention to the customers? The reason is that not all of such digital solutions meet the needs of each everyday activity. And there is definitely no sense to install 10 applications, which will perform different functions. That is why here at Viseven we suggest you a unique digital solution, which combines all the necessary options KAM needs for the successful deals and agreements.

The solution is not just a pharmaceutical calculator; this is rather a full-featured helper. It can be compared to a multitask food processor, which performs various functions, allowing you to do something else at that time.

Due to being smoothly embedded into the CLM tool, the solution allows not only to capture all the necessary information on the go, but also synchronize it with the CRM system. Thus, the history of relationship with each separate account can be easily accessed and observed any time.

Among the key functionality specifics of this pharmaceutical sales calculator, the following deserve the special attention:

  • Easy and quick planning – you can schedule the next KAM call directly on the home screen of the previous one;
  • Full picture of sales at the particular pharmacy – one can track the availability, sales and rest of the medical products;
  • Effortless entering the agreements and closing the deals – instantly document the results of negotiations, fix the pre-order and send everything to the customer’s email at once;
  • Track the amount of POS materials and samples – enter the number of materials, distributed during the call and they will be automatically excluded from the rest;
  • Control the agreement compliance – check whether product availability, layout and stock correspond with the requirements of the previously entered agreement;
  • Monitor the rebates and revenue – the tool calculates everything for you after you enter the necessary numbers and sends all the data to the CRM system on synchronization.

Thus, your KAMs can see an overall picture of what happens with their products in fields, likewise to track customer potential and loyalty. If you want more information about how our solution for key account managers works in real life, request a free demo right away!