“Yes, darling, we’d better book the first one, as it seems to… bleep, bleep, bleep…” oh no, not that bad connection again! You don’t like when your calls are disrupted, do you? Especially when it’s all about important things.

Just the same with marketing: if the conversation is interrupted for some reasons, there’s a low chance customers will come back to you again. That’s why it’s so vital to keep your message consistent across all the communication channels to keep your customers satisfied and happy.

Oh no, not you again or Why doctors refuse to talk to med reps

According to The Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2017, doctors complain they have less and less time spent with patients – just 13-16 minutes. Obviously, if they have so little time to examine a patient, they rather won’t be excited to see a med rep in their office. Even if they are (in an ideal world), the time they can allocate for such a meeting is around 5-6 minutes. Pretty not that much to present a drug to the best advantage, huh?

Here’s the point where advanced digital technology comes on stage to help better engage with HCPs, stop irritating them with too frequent visits and enable smooth dialogue flow.

physicians prefer to receive product information digitally

How to embed technology into existing communications for optimized dialogue with HCPs

To proceed, we should mention that digital solutions don’t deny in person communication, they rather become a logical continuation of face-to-face visits. Med rep can provide any additional information to HCP on demand and doctor can either view it himself or agree for a remote call whenever it is suitable for him. Actually, this means that only remote communication isn’t enough, so we suggest you consider the following integrated approach to personalized interactions:

  1. Real-time communication, which stands for both face-to-face and remote interactions with pharma representative and doctor or pharmacist involved.
  2. Digital communication comprises all the information types and sources that don’t presuppose personal contact: social media platforms, blogs, website, mobile apps, emails, interactive HTML5 presentations, webinar recordings etc.
  3. In-person communication means onsite dialogue at different conferences, webinars, KOLs engagement and so on.

To put it simply, you should never stick to a single communication type. For example, digital channels should be used to attract potential customers or supplying the existing ones with the additional information. Only combining all the interaction ways, you will be able to reach message consistency and on-time delivery.

Despite the obvious benefits of integrated multichannel communication, the main reason why not all the companies are using the approach is a need for a smart technology on the background. Such kind of technology, which should be a single place for all activities’ types, as well as a single source of customer data. However, according to stats, companies are still using too many tools for promo materials and activities management:

commercial content management
So, a key to reducing the number of tools used is the integration of advanced digital solutions with multiple systems. Here’s how such combination of tools can help to develop an optimal communication strategy:

  1. Analyze local market specifics, define demand and customer needs.
  2. Craft powerful key-message and shape it in catchy design.
  3. Develop universal interactive content, which can be used on any platform, device or channel.
  4. Get 24/7 access to any materials created on both global and local levels.
  5. Ensure 100% content reuse with cost reduction on adaptation.
  6. Automate ready-made content publishing to QuintilesIMS Nexxus, Kadrige, IMS Compliant Field Email.
  7. Schedule and manage all the calls, events and other activities in a single system, as well as send emails to your prospects.
  8. Keep contacts and accounts database well-structured and segmented.
  9. Start web meetings, remote calls, and other online activities in a couple of clicks.
  10. Capture live customer feedback, process it and increase interactions value and relevance.

Want to get all these options in one out-of-the-box solution and expand your multichannel communication capabilities? Send a request for a live demo to our Multichannel Experts Team to see automated IMS converter in action.