By now, pharma and life sciences may start feeling proud of what’s been achieved in digitalization – even if it’s only the beginning. Compared to 2016, the percentage of marketers who are getting used to nonstop improving communication channels has risen up to 60% from 46%.  Not to mention that data-driven marketing is one of top preferences for pharma companies and their readiness to invest in marketing research has grown up to 53%. Nonetheless, content flow must be tied with customers’ values and needs. It’s crucial to make the connection between people, content and technologies  in order to succeed in the long run.

marketers are getting used to nonstop improving communication channels

IQVIA world and the Future of Human Data

People don’t miss a chance to turn to their devices to look for any information they need. In particular, any sources related to their health and wellbeing can be easily found on the Internet. Naturally, pharma companies are seeking the ways how to better engage with their customers from the very beginning and deeply understand how they make their healthcare decisions.

human data science is the key to satisfy consumers' requests

IQVIA has gone far ahead in exploring the potential of data science with adding a more human-oriented approach. Human Data Science is becoming the key to satisfy consumers’ requests, which may include:

  • How to enrich your knowledge regarding health issues
  • How to stay updated about recent sources and innovations
  • How to maintain real-time access to information on treatment options
  • How to wisely manage costs and time
  • How to involve stakeholders with the same intentions and aims

For instance, many more physicians are beginning to engage patients with gamified condition tracking apps. It’s used not only to tighten their relations yet simultaneously to benefit patients’ results. What’s interesting is, although some health apps were adopted almost overnight, the underlying process of bringing together pharma, HCPs and patients is much more gradual. Pharma is in the unique position to be able to boost this development. The most obvious place to start? Communication and content.

In order to remain flexible, step on the localization path

In fact, all content is expected to cut cultural and mental boundaries. It literally means creating content that appeals to any audience. Smart content strategy should be adopted not only linguistically, but also culturally and visually, paying attention to diagrams, pictures, statistics, etc. Proper harmony between global adopting and local direction is a groundwork for company’s digital transformation. Chris Hall, CEO of Bynder in Rotterdam, Netherlands, says: “Assuming that all regions of the world can be treated as one is a big mistake”. For instance, imagine that you need to make your content equally useful for Korean and French HCPs. You simply can’t use all the same content for both countries as their huge cultural differences are obvious. So, an effort should be made to localize the global message.

In order to build a generally accepted global strategy, it pays off to keep in mind 2 key principles while demonstrating your content:

  • how to adapt it for different cultures
  • how to save basic direction

Stepping into more local approach makes each consumer across the world feel like it has been designed specifically for him or her. You need to be extremely attentive to different nuances, especially while translating into other languages. For instance, have you ever heard the story of the Coca-Cola told by Eric Martin? The worldly known brand was translated into Chinese as “bite the wax tadpole”. Giant companies can recover from marketing failures. Nevertheless, in reality, most companies are far more likely to go through irreparable damages.

all reagions in the world should be treated differently

Bruno Herrmann, director of globalization for Nielsen in Brussels, Belgium, says:

“The first major cause of failures in localizing brands is a lack of understanding who customers actually are, and the second is a lack of localization effectiveness. Language has to be understood in the broad meaning – not only in the mother tongue of customers but also their tone of voice, cultural background and practices, functional requirements from their ecosystems, and all imperatives tied to the market where they live, work and breathe”.

IQVIA&eWizard Global Store tandem: go far beyond the outdated approaches in localizing your content

With eWizard platform, you can localize your content while retaining the original global quality. It’s a beneficial solution to move towards connecting IQVIA content orchestration and eWizard platform, which helps to accelerate this process with maximum quality. In this way, repurposing your content to different markets can be done with just several automatic options.

language has to be understood in the broad meaning

This grants even more benefits with eWizard Global Store. It allows you to effortlessly track content lifecycle and localize it for specific needs. This feature will make your effortless content reuse rates while keeping brand identity. Global Store as a part of eWizard platform with IQVIA basis facilitates a more strategic functional approach that helps to sustain connections among global offices.

Try out all advantages of enhanced content management for IQVIA. Make the digital transformation of your company apparent to everyone by getting your content to shine.