New Year is the high time to make resolutions for the upcoming one. Yet, before doing that, looking back on the year sounds like a plan. As the holidays are close, we have decided to sum up what has happened to eWizard in 2017 and map out what is going to be implemented in 2018. So, are you ready to touch the magic of digital content management? Great, let’s go ahead.

Achievement #1: Seamless presentations reuse and repurposing with Global Master Templates and predesigned components

Obviously, to reshape some pieces of content is much easier than create the ones from scratch. Keeping that in mind, we have introduced Master Templates functionality in eWizard, which allows to streamline and speed up the presentation development, as well as localization.

Thus, a brand manager from the affiliate can easily access such a template in Veeva Vault or eWizard Global Store and quickly reuse, localize or adapt it.

Also, to simplify work with the chosen presentations, we suggest you try predesigned elements and components. All of them are available in the Components Library, where you can choose any of the static, interactive or animated templates and reuse them to repurpose your presentation in a matter of minutes.

Global master templates

Achievement #2: Fast online or offline localization

The other important point to speed up product launch and digital materials creation for affiliates is fast localization. In general, the process slows down because of too many steps on the way to the ready-to-use adapted content. To reduce that time, we have thought of several options for localizing HTML5 presentations with eWizard help, including online/offline translation or collaboration with an external translation agency.

Utilizing eWizard, you get the following opportunities:

  • Easy translation to the required language. Here, the two options are possible: you can do it either in-house, or address the external independent translators/translation agencies. During such a localization, you will be able to preview content in real time;
  • Precise adaptation to local market needs with taking care about all sociocultural aspects – preferences in imagery, navigation, design etc.;
  • Technical adjustment to the available channels and platforms by complying with CLM or CRM settings, as well as by customizing the ready presentations for both face-to-face and remote communication.

Achievement #3: Veeva Vault publishing automation – done!

The final stage of content production before letting it go live is the review and approval by legal and medical teams. In most cases, both processes take too much time, slowing down time-to-market. Besides, Veeva Vault PromoMats has its own technical specifications, which also can prolong the content “birth”.

To streamline the process, we have done our best to automate the MLR approval and introduced a direct connector to Veeva Vault. In terms of this integration, the following benefits are available:

  • Easy presentations publishing to Veeva Vault due to automatic filling of the required fields and settings by eWizard;
  • Optimization of the presentation size with Shared Resources option by using recurrent elements or media files, likewise slide or presentation styles from a single source;
  • Speeded up approval by connecting the PDF file of the presentation with the HTML5 file, thus getting the eDetailer status updated right when the PDF concept is approved or rejected.

So far, we have also implemented the automatic converter of PDF, InDesign or PowerPoint into the HTML5 format, ready for usage in the required CLM system. But we are not going to stop the progress and suggest you have a look at the route forward.

digital content production

Prospect #1: Improvement of agency-customer collaboration

Aiming to create a perfect ecosystem for working with digital content on a single platform, we are going to ensure even more convenience for creative agencies and pharma companies’ communication. Among the most astonishing features we improve, are edit mode optimization, flexible components tree, likewise visual representation of the eDetailing structure and navigation for increased transparency.

Except the things that are already available, like common access to digital assets, commenting on presentation slides in real time or online localization, we will also introduce Collaboration Mode. This functionality will empower simultaneous work on eDetailing, even from different locations.

Prospect #2: Increased content efficiency and better performance

To eliminate the embarrassing silence, when the med rep is waiting until the presentation slide will load during the call, we have thought of the performance boost. This will be made possible thanks to implementing a new eWizard Framework, based on vue.js, which allows not only faster presentations development but also reduces their load time. Thus, the ready-made eDetailers will facilitate communication with doctors and pharmacists, making it smooth and more efficient.

Prospect #3: Direct publishing to Marketing Cloud

And the killer feature we are actively working on to suggest you in early 2018, is connecting eWizard with The integration will provide the possibility to publish the templates, created in eWizard, to SFDC Marketing Cloud.

Before doing that, you’ll need to open SFDC template, fill it with the approved digital assets (e.g., pictures, videos, and other materials) and then send it to Veeva Vault for review. In case any comments arrive, you will be able to make all the necessary changes and right after the final approval, you can publish the ready-made template to your account without relogging. Thanks to that, you’ll get the full control over digital content creation and distribution at your fingertips.

To sum it up or eWizard at a glance

So, as you can see, we are moving forward, taking into account all your suggestions and requests. Each month brings something new to eWizard functionality – be that tools for automating presentations creation, approval, localization or conversion of the static files into interactive ones. Yet, we believe that there’s no limit to perfection and keep going on with the platform updates. If you want to stay aware of when the announced features will be released, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll let you know instantly.